…And Wednesday into Thursday

Wednesdays, dear 1.5 readers, tend to be busy crazy days for me – usually due to severe lack of planning earlier in the week. But that was not the case today! I was able to attend a “Family Team Decisionmaking Meeting” at DSS where I hope we got something accomplished for a dear client of mine; made it to the “east side” of the beltway to visit three clients and then back over to the “west side” for an Ash Wednesday service. Of course dear Nancy played in her usual inimitable fashion (she one of the few people in the world who can make an organ sound as lyrical and intensely human as a violin) and Donna H. and Sally L. did an OUTSTANDING job of singing a Monteverdi piece, another one that was equally old and equally beautiful (drat! I forget the composer!!!) and the Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber (i think – gawd I’m awful!). The two of them are downright synergistic in their singing – when they get together it’s so much more than the mere sum of their voices. Sorry folks, but you hadda be there as they say! It was so beautiful. When you think that this was just a little Ash Wednesday service – one of three they had today – and the musical gems sparkling for us this evening. I don’t think we realize the amazing treasure we have. And what gives me a greater grief than even you, dear 1.5 readers can imagine, is that we will be losing that treasure someday far too soon.
It seems like every Lent is something new and different. Of course, I’m face to face with my own personal sins. Oh, let’s face it folks, the humdingers are almost fun to talk and think about; it’s those petty little venial things that embarass us to death. But there you have it: both have to be looked at squarely and dealt with. Unfortunately I do so with varied degrees of success only to go back and chip away at it again. And again. And every year we revisit the birth, life, death and resurrection story. There’s a comfort in that, as in all things that spell home – and this church has become my spiritual home. For that I am grateful. So grateful.

It’s funny though; the closer I get to my spiritual home, the more I understand the need of others to be close to theirs and the more I want to learn about their spiritual homes. After the Lenten service, I headed on over to the Columbia Sip ‘N Knit at the Borders Bookstore for the first time in about a month. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up – and look at all the other lovely projects while working a while on my own. Let’s face it, we get tired of looking at the same color, stitch pattern and click of the needles that seem to go on ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Seeing other people’s work satisfies the visual need and gives me a new perspective on my own projects. And most importantly the wonderful people who are the recipients – people I love dearly. Anyway (I digress), the founder of the group, Lynn Z., conducts “Soul Collage” workshops. This was originally done for people in hospice care as a form of art therapy to deal with the emotional issues surrounding their impending mortality. Lynn and her sister started doing this after training and have now started doing their own sessions. If I can get an appointment switched, I’m going to go to a session and try it. (No, as far as I know, I’m not dying any time soon.) I explained to Lynn that I rate in the “retarded” (sorry for that word – it’s the only one I could think of at the time) range in art. Perhaps I should have said, “artistically challenged,” but she told me it’s “art for the non-artist.” Well, no one could be more of a non-artist than I, LOL! The cost is not that much and apparently one gets in touch with one’s inner spirituality. I said to Lynn this is really neat – it could serve as common ground to people of all spiritual backgrounds. Lynn and I come from different faith backgrounds, but both of us could agree on this as a useful spiritual tool.

Funny what you learn at a knitting meetup!
Well, tomorrow, I’m headed for court and another visit, then I have – speaking of blessings! – choir practice.

You might notice I’m not posting any more pictures of Nancy’s sweater – I don’t want to put the kabosh on it – I really want to have it done before Sunday. I feel like such a sh*thead – this was supposed to be Nancy’s Christmas gift! Instead, I knit a sweater and put it on a teddy bear as a promise for this one – how tacky is that? I sure hope she likes it. It’s taking a long time because it’s a lace and cable design and I don’t want to make any mistakes.

Well, I guess it’s a little late for that!



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