Updating on a Monday – oops – Tuesday

According to Bob Brezsny, it appears I’m standing on the brink of a crossroads; another psychic tells me I”will soon enter into an astrological Transit of considerable influence.”
Mommy, what’s a Transit?
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): “To be young, really young, takes a very long time,” said Picasso. I agree. It’s not easy to hone your ability to see the world fresh over and over again. You’ve got to work for years to immunize yourself against the millions of people who think they’re got everything figured out. To cultivate an ingenious and fully awakened innocence, you have to continually shed your temptation to rely on habitual responses, never ceasing from the effort to greet every experience with a beginner’s mind. This playful approach to life goes against the grain of every religious teaching, every political system, and every ideology, which means that only the fiercest individualists with a highly developed sense of self can summon the courage to do it. It so happens, Aquarius, that you’re now primed to make rapid progress in this noble undertaking.
Ah, as if my life had such portentous meaning! I’d be happy just being the best “me” I can be! I’d even be happy just getting through one posting on this blog in one sitting. Apparently this week I’m getting there in three instead.
Monday: I am at a point in my work today when I am hurrying up and waiting – hurrying up to get a report done that was due last week (eek!) but 2/3 of the information I need for this report is in the calendar of my two co-workers! So, I’m waiting. Not being one to like sitting around, I figure I’ll get in the least trouble posting here.
OK, I could do some other work-related tasks, but I’m taking a break….


Tuesday: Well, that didn’t last long! I ended up getting a call from the caregiver of a client, so I went to visit him, had dinner with John and watched a little TV and that was all she wrote for Monday, except for three very uneventful hearings – so uneventful that my wonderful colleague covered the two that took place in the afternoon and the one I had in the morning ended up being postponed! Whoopie! Actually a day like that isn’t so bad, you need a bit of quiet once in a while.

Got a lotof paperwork done and now I’m off to the office.


Tuesday evening. Back after a trip to the office in which I had two hours worth of phone calls and then a quick errand or two then bell prax, ahhhh an oasis like cool water to a fevered brow!

And now I’m home.

Good news: I’ve finished the body of Nancy’s sweater and have started the first sleeve. Luckily they’re 3/4 length sleeves, LOL! Wish there were more I could say about it, but I’m tired and will head to bed now.

Sorry no pics – but more to come!



2 thoughts on “Updating on a Monday – oops – Tuesday

  1. Oh me too! I always stress about that kind of thing – wondering if it’ll fit ok – I tend to knit large(guess I’m not uptight enough) – and then whether the color’s right, if it’s her style. You get the picture. Plus I don’t like making things that look like I made them, if you understand what I’m saying – probably too much information, LOL!
    So glad you are feeling better!

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