Pneumonia Weather

It’s a dreary, cold, wet, rainy day today. I have court morning and afternoon. Am already done with the a.m. docket and decided to come home, have lunch and do a bit of knitting. I am getting so close to finishing Nancy’s sweater (you know, the one that was supposed to be a Christmas gift?) that it’s becoming addictive. You knitters know the feeling -when you’re so close to the finish line that you redouble your efforts to finish and you can’t believe you got so much done in so little time?

Come to think of it, that’s sort of a universal feeling, isn’t it? How many athletes say the same thing? It’s that looking at the finish line feeling, I guess. Like staying up all night to finish a brief because you finally have the puzzle put together in your head and you don’t want to lose the coherency. Like taking every free moment to read about a topic you’ve become passionate about.
Hmmmm can you spell “addictive personality?” Well let’s see if I can get to the sleeves by tonight!
More later+

4 thoughts on “Pneumonia Weather

  1. “addictive personality” – I think I belong to that group too! Oh, for good news, DGD with autism is using a board to talk with her family. Fantastic news. DD said she had some good news about the brother, but had to hang up and hasn’t called back to give me that news… : P I am not a patient person either. I’ll call later tonight if I don’t hear from her before then.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. GAIL!!! YES!!!! HOW utterly cool! You bet it’s fantastic news! Wow – now you’ll really really get to know what’s inside her head! How wonderful!

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