Wow – three posts in a row! I don’t know how to act:)

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I’m putzing around, having gotten all the picking up and wash done that I can in 1.5 hours. In another ten minutes I’ve got to get my tuchas into the shower and get ready for a long day of singing and ringing:) Don’t you just hate when that happens – NOT. But I’ve got to wait for a load of towels to be done before I do that, so … here I am. What can I say -I’m a critter of habit and I’m starting to like to visit my blog myself, LOL. I think it’s because it’s got a bunch of links to other blogs I like to visit:)
Well it’s official. Kristin and Sonny are engaged:). I am happy for them and wish them the best. Sure I have concerns. Kristin is an avowed atheist and Sonny grew up in and remains active in a very fundamentalist Xian church. That has been their toughest issue. However, Kristin has a Mom and Dad who are Xian and she doesn’t seem to mind being in our family. She has kissed a number of frogs and who better than she to know – with years of therapy and a thoughtful mind of her own? Sonny is a good person. I believe that he will be there for Kristin for the long haul – a lot more than I can say about some of the “frogs” in her past. One thing I know from my own experience: you just don’t know the mettle of an individual until they’ve been married/partnered and have stuck with it for the duration. Time will tell. Of course her sibs will never think anyone is good enough and that’s their job. I pity any poor fool who ventures into this thicket of sibs! Ah well, another adjustment. I have confidence they’ll do just fine!
As to being “unequally yoked,” that’s OK, Sonny will get to Kristin’s level…. eventually.
And as to the yarn porn at the top of this entry? It’s Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn and it’s gorgeous and I haven’t gotten around to finishing the socks, but the anticipation is lovely. Like the anticipation of a quiet wedding in the spring…..
Have a beautiful day!

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