Tagging again:)

Panhandle Jane recently and very kindly listed me on her list of 10 sites she visits fairly regularly and the dealie is – now I’m supposed to do the same – thanks Jane:) Only 10? Just kidding! Jane is a really sweet lady who must be a saint because she teaches school – and in the same community she grew up in! Isn’t that amazing? That must be a wonderful thing – I wouldn’t mind working and living in Oyster Bay – that was some town – unfortunately life took me in another direction, so I guess I’m where I’m supposed to be and she is where she is supposed to be. And that’s actually quite a comforting thought!

Now let’s see who gets my “Make my Day award” Besides Jane’s blog here are some that I love to see (a lot of them are the same she likes:)) And now these folks have to do the same (Oh, don’t hit me!)

There’s Kristina’s “Bespoke by Brouhaha” – a blog by a fellow law serf from Canada who also knits like a madwoman – oh wait she IS a madwoman – never mind. Don’t take my word for it – read her blog. But be careful; your mind will never be quite the same once you’ve done it – remember “acid?” I don’t either – never touch that stuff (I was crazy enough already, thank you very much) but for the VERY few of you who do, be forewarned:)

Ah and Colin the Knitman himself! He knits the most beautiful things. He raises the cutest Lhasa Apsos (forgive me if I’ve spelled that incorrectly) and he struggles with the aftereffects of severe (and I mean severe) childhood abuse. He is one of my heroes for a very simple reason: He has decided on some very real level not to be the same his family was to him. He chose to live and to love and to carry on. And his blog makes me think – about how to do my job so no other child goes through what he has.

I also fairly regularly visit the blog of a fellow bell-ringer – Indigo. Like Colin, he’s a survivor of some pretty horrific childhood abuse and neglect. So much so that he suffered for years from the effects of what they now call DID – or dissociative identity disorder- or multiple personalities. He is now integrated and living well in my neck of the woods. He has a lot of interesting things to say and does not mince words saying it. He also writes science fiction and has a really sick sense of humor -so what’s not to like?

Another site that provides me with food for thought and a ring of others who like to look at our relationships with others and God is the RevGalsBlogPals blog and the webring (I’m a member because I am a good friend of someone getting ready – I hope soon – for ordination). Just click on the ring somewhere on this blog and you’re bound to find some interesting reading. Not necessarily someone you’ll agree with, but interesting nonetheless:)

When I’m jonesin for some yarn porn, I also visit:

Bowerbird knits or The Rainey Sisters – both sites have lovely photography and original patterns for some really nice things.

Of the more “commercial” blogs, I visit

knitty’s blog, Vickie Howell’s blog (of Knitty Gritty fame), and Norah Gaughan’s blog for Berroco.

There are a number of others whose sites I love to visit and they’re listed in the column to the right. Junieanna and Ann and Helen all have beautiful knitting. I don’t know how they do as much as they do – and this is complex stuff folks, not just a garter stitch scarf!

Of course, there’s also the Yarn Harlot🙂

OK, this is a lot more than 10, but I’ve got to add these two:

Buns of Strudel hasn’t posted since November when her father took a turn for the worse. She’s in my prayers and selfishly, I hope she comes back, because although she’s been through a lot in her own life, her blog is interesting and funny at the same time.

Franklin – where and how to begin? A brilliant photographer and very self-disciplined (it appears) individual, he knits some beautiful things. His blog is worth the trip if only for the photos, let alone the hysterically funny commentary!



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