Ambling along…

How does one do that when inside you’re stressing that you’ll never get everything done you want to? I want to finish that sweater, but I’ve got to get my calendar onto the computer (another backup to my triplicate system – God forbid I should lose one of them!). Then it’s a meeting with a foster parent – and client visit – to prepare for a hearing next week for which I have no idea whether I’m standing on any kind of firm ground. But it’s one of those things you just gotta do. This is one of those weeks where I feel like David fighting Goliath, the old roller coaster ride part – scary before you get going, insane when you do and after you’re done, you want to do it again.

I have gotten some knitting done – a few more rows on Nancy’s sweater – I’ve hit the “Great Armhole Divide” and am now just working on the top part of the back, so it’s a bit faster going – when I can find the time to knit!
Diane’s scarf I had to frog – it was getting really ugly. The lace patterns I was using were just getting lost in the complexity of the yarns themselves. And it was just too too wide. So.. I finally frogged it and am now using another yarn – a self-striping one in the same color scheme – and using a simple moss stitch pattern with edge stitches to stabilize it (moss stitch has a tendency to go diagonal on you). You can see the subtle striping, because the other yarns remain the same. I think it looks a lot better – hope Diane agrees, since it’s a little narrower than she originally wanted. It still drapes fairly well; I’m using large bamboo needles. It just looks more like a real gift that an adult would make, LOL.
We had choir practice at the Charles Town Chapel. CharlesTown is a retirement community built on the grounds of an old seminary. It’s actually quite a nice place. John’s Aunt Mary lives there. She’s still sharp as a tack and in very good shape physically. Her son, John’s cousin Greg, continuously teases her about being on their bridge travel team. Last time we did an Evensong Service there, she came – it was really nice to see her and Mary Sue (John’s other cousin – John’s one of nine and his Aunt Mary and Uncle Toner had a eight kids – 7 boys and 1 girl – poor Mary Sue!). It’s a beautiful chapel. I hope we do it justice:) Nancy is conducting this time, Jan S. (one of our sopranos) is their organist, so she will be running back and forth between the organ and the choir – and Barry, Mike and I will be doing the same between the choir and the bells. It’s a lot of fun – if a bit worrisome at times. I will have to make sure to bring the bi-focals – finally found the other lens – so I can see her AND the music! Ah the joys of being an old fart!
So, Sunday I will be spending the entire day ringing and/or singing. Unfortunately, the Holiday party for the Center Club will be at the very same time. I am really sorry to be missing that – they’re all a very nice bunch of people and I always have fun at the party. At least it saved John some money. Again, welcome to my world where I often have to be two places at once!
Thursday after choir prax, I was supposed to babysit Madison and Ruby so Dori and Donald could go out to dinner. But they were back by the time I got there. So… I spent part of the night doing a little knitting, but most of it working on that brief again. It’s really looking good. I have a few more minor things to do and it’s going to be ready for filing! Yippee:) Part of me really wants to argue the thing, because I think we’ve got half a chance. The other part is scared out of my wits. I e-mailed Nancy (who performs on a weekly basis!) that I don’t know how she does it – I don’t mind doing the weekly court thing, but this is the equivalent of a concert, let alone the fact that it impacts our clients’ lives! Oh, let us not go there!
Well, I’m off – gotta finish my calendar and get going to Harford County! And Kristin just called, saying she’s on her way over to talk with us. Oh. my. holy.God…….
Have a lovely weekend, dear 1.5 readers:)

5 thoughts on “Ambling along…

  1. I can’t believe you performed at the Charlestown chapel! Did you know that the mosaic dome was brought over from Italy in pieces from another chapel? When I was in high school, I was in a string ensemble that performed there. Back then, it was a priesthood, not a retirement community(where my Dad now lives!). We were practicing Ave Maria one afternoon in rehearsal. In through the back of the chapel, came about 5 older nuns. As we played, they sung along in latin. It was both surreal and beautiful. Thanks for bringing me back down memory lane!

  2. Your color selections are stunning on both projects. What an amazing sweater, such detail. I can’t wait to see the finished result. Feel free to send the completed scarf down to Rutland. ;-p

    Aah..Catholic school memories for me. I miss the old Latin masses. Was devastated when they introduced the guitars in the ’70’s. Never seemed like mass which may have been a good thing for many people. But I liked the darkness, the incense and the Latin chants.

  3. Margaret – I didn’t know that the Chapel had such a history – I did know it had been a seminary back in the day. It’s an incredibly nice place for the folks who live there – they even do a closed-circuit TV broadcast of the services for the people who cannot leave their rooms!
    When my husband’s Aunt came to see us,I was concerned she might be upset she had come to an Episcopal service (she’s very Catholic) and it was kind of funny because the presiding clergy at that time was a woman priest. If it bothered her, she didn’t let on, LOL. It really is a beautiful chapel.
    It must have been a wonderful experience listening to the haunting melody of your piece with the nuns singing their usual high-pitched sans vibrato tones of the Ave Maria! Wow! What a memory that must’ve been!

  4. Joan – thank you so much! How’s it going in good old VT? I am still homesick some 30+ years later! I miss New England so MUCH!!!
    Thanks for commenting:)
    also a Joan:)

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