(That’s Balmerese for “tired,” not shorthand for an insulting term for a person with cognitive deficits!) (See also “Yerp,” “UpAir,” and “Droodle Park” for “Europe,” “Up There,” and “Druid Hill Park,” respectively.)

Well, it’s not terribly late – at least not to me, but I am a bit wiped out. Last night at Diane’s was a lot of fun. We talked very late into the night – and thankfully she did really really well after the surgery, thanks to her thoughtful preparation – drinking lots of water, dosing up on the Mucinex and getting everything in line prior to surgery. She had very little pain, considering the fact that she had just had surgery, and was more of a hostess to me than a nursing charge, LOL! Obviously, I needn’t have worried. I have to laugh – it was so much spending the night at my cousin’s house or a friend’s house when I was a little girl – I even joked about next time bringing my “45s” along:) The only person missing was Nancy – she would have made it even more funny. When the three of us get together, it gets crazy – in a good way! Even so, Diane and I had a great time and when you think she had just had been under the knife, it was pretty amazing.

After finally falling asleep at 2 a.m., I was up at 6:45 or so (the music/alarm failed to wake me at 6- YIKES), made the phone call I needed to make to arrange a visit, then hit the shower, got dressed and had some coffee and some breakfast with Diane. We talked for a bit and I worked on the scarf for her – re-started a bit wider to suit her wishes, which was just fine with me:). Then it was off to two client visits and then court this afternoon. Right before court I checked in on Diane and she was just fine – having just finished a visit from another friend and anticipating another visit later in the day.

It was kind of funny, we both talked politics, and though Diane is more in the center and I am left of left, we found areas we could at least laugh about (I HOPE, LOL!).

Court was not very eventful, thank goodness, and then it was homeward bound. I was grateful to get home before the traffic got too busy and had some time to talk with John before he headed out to his two-job night, poor baby.
After some dinner (not really very good – yuck), I sat down and did some more knitting on Nancy’s sweater and Diane’s scarf – and as you can see, had a little vino with it. I figure I will be about 105 years old before I’m done with all these projects, but what a way to go!Well, this weekend is going to be all about the brief and right now the four-point-something night of sleep is now hitting me, so Gute Nacht und Schlaf’ gut!!
Good night, angels!+


6 thoughts on “TARD

  1. How about a place called Murrville Otto Sells? (Translation is Maryville Auto Sales).
    Anyway I’ve just tagged you. Please check my blog for info. Thanks and Enjoy!

  2. Hey “hun”,
    Don’t forget zink (sink), wooder (water) and downy ayshun (down the ocean)

    -Margaret (Born and raised in Bawlmer)

  3. Gail – I’ll head right over:)! Serves me right all the times I’ve tagged you, LOL!
    Margaret – I almost forgot Zink! And that all-time favorite Ow I wan Crabs fer Chrismis so my Chrismis wishle come truuuue!
    And then there’s
    “B’lieve, Hon!”

  4. I knew exactly what it meant without the translation. I being a southerner and all.
    I have been away awhile so you are due an overdue congrats.
    Your cables and O’s turned out great!

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