Comfort Food

And no, I’m not talking about grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I had to come over here just to put a few thoughts to paper. Visiting my blog is like visiting a little niche on the web that I’ve decorated with a few things and made a little like home. A nest on the net if you will. Right now I’m working on a brief that I will very probably argue before an appellate court – a daunting thought believe it or not, because it impacts the lives of innocent children. But I cannot think about it that way or I cannot function well. It is slow going. It took me two full days to get through the transcripts – and I was there for every minute of trial (unlike the appellate attorneys for the government agencies that represent the parent and the Department of Social Services, respectively).Anyway, I took a little break to come over and write about it.This is the part about being a lawyer that I love and I hate. I love researching and reminding myself of the legal issues upon which our system of justice is based. While reflecting and taking time to think, prepare and do this right is a good thing – and good for one, at the same time I want to run from the solitariness, the loneliness of it. But in the end, it’s like that carnival ride you go on with your tummy feeling all ticklish, you ride through screaming and when it’s all over, “let’s go again.”Today I’m “going again.” The reward? Finding out the last appellate case was affirmed and another client is one step closer to being adopted by the only real mother he’s ever known.
So, have at it.

No knitting – haven’t touched a needle or piece of thread or crochet hook since Friday and that’s OK. Priorities:)
But that doesn’t mean I don’t take breaks – Yesterday I couldn’t go walking with Nancy and that about broke my heart. But today I WILL go to bell choir practice. I’ll stay up all night if I have to,but I’m not missing it:)
Until later+

5 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. If it will help, I’ll cross my fingers that this child will get to be with his real (vs biological) mother and have a secure, loving home.
    Are you basically a guardian ad litem then? Kind of hard to tell – sometimes I think you are, sometimes I think you are an attorney for DHS. Either way – as long as the kids are protected the best as can be, you win, right?

  2. Hi Gail! Thanks so much for stopping by:) Of course it will help. And your question is excellent. I am definitely not employed by the County Department of Social Services – although I am often on their side in litigation. I represent children who have “considered judgment” as I would represent any adult – find out what they want and then go about assisting them in getting just that. (And PLEASE don’t ask me what considered judgment is, LOL!) For very young children or older children with disabilities that prevent them from adequately deciding such things on their own, I am a “best interests” attorney – much like the role of a GAL. I substitute my judgment for the child.
    Hope that helped! And thanks again for your wishes:) Hope your New Year is a happy one:)

  3. Fight the good fight. And know that lots of folks appreciate it; and other lonely writers (like me)have your back and will gladly give you a virtual shoulder/attagirl any time you need one (and sometimes when you don’t). If it was easy, everyone would do it. Peace.

  4. I second that, keep up the good fight. And good fight it is. Mentally I think it must sometimes be very difficult for you to see what goes on in this world. Thank God for people like you…

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