wimpy wimpy wimpy

Perhaps I am, but I deleted my last post for one very simple reason: I do not have first-hand knowledge regarding the real estate lease for the writer of the letter’s parents. It is not my business; however, my children grew up in Columbia and we have all visited the store in question and it would not surprise me to hear that the rents at the Columbia Mall are ridiculous. I don’t think the business failed because it was unwanted, just that it failed because it couldn’t continue to be at the location it where it has been. Bun Penny was and continues to be a popular place to go for coffee, tea,wine and other goodies. But the Mall in Columbia is growing and now caters to the very wealthy, sadly edging out the older businesses that don’t charge the arm and a leg that many in the area can – and many cannot – afford. What the letter does indicate is what can happen when there is little to no regulation of business. Sorry. I am not a rampant capitalist.


4 thoughts on “wimpy wimpy wimpy

  1. The other name for ‘rampant capitalist’ is ‘robber baron’. Glad you don’t count yourself among them. Pity the store cannot/will not relocate somewhere near the mall that is less expensive.

  2. I don’t know that they won’t. I took the letter off my blog because I realized the person leaving the comment was actually from the real estate company she complains about in her letter. Although she may be absolutely correct, I don’t have that information directly and don’t believe it’s ethical to post something without at least doing a minimal amount of checking. Because the letter was forwarded me by someone I trust, I didn’t take the time to do that – hence the withdrawal. But I do agree with you. Hopefully, they will relocate. Unfortunately the area is really going from an edgy, truly MIDDLE class population to a very wealthy yuppie population. Not that there’s anything wrong with someone doing well. It just doesn’t have the personality it used to.
    Ah life…

  3. I admit I’d be “wimpy” or whatever about it too. 🙂 (I did catch the original post)

    You know, I’ve never been a mall person though. I might actually visit the store if it were NOT located in the mall. I wish them luck!

  4. Hi Joan: I don’t think it’s “wimpy” in the least. Probably prudent. I have criticised myself in my brain for not being more political on my own blog myself… but if I let loose I would probably lose 3/4 of whatever readers I have (including my mother!) and then be shut down or something.

    I agree with Amber re. robber barons, though – and I think it’s safe to say that the trend of large chains replacing smaller neighbourhood shops is very, very troubling. To me, anyway.

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