….And we’re back:)!

and tomorrow is a work day and boy am I wiped out! (Even though John did all the driving!) At the right is the view from our room – the freebie at the Marriott Marquis – Times Square in all it’s glory – and some 44 stories below! After checking in, we set off for a salad at the Olive Garden, with a view on the street of Times Square. It was a cloudy Sunday – hard to believe it was a Sunday afternoon with all this activity, isn’t it? But that’s New York. You cannot go a block without hearing at least three or four languages other than English.
Our waiter very kindly took our picture together – it’s the only one of both of us through the entire trip, LOL!
After lunch, we went back to the room, where I attempted the Sunday Times crossword puzzle (NO GO!) and fell asleep.
Later that evening, we had dinner with the parental units at the View – the restaurant at the top floor of the hotel. The restaurant seating at the outer ring of the floor rotates around the building and one gets a 360 degree view of Manhattan. I attempted to get a picture of the Chrysler Building during dinner, but it was blurry – must’ve been the wine.
Dinner itself was OK, but the wine was out of this world – something to be savored slowly and enjoyed (unlike my usual wine-gulping ways, LOL!)
Maureen was her usual wonderful conversationalist as was my Dad, but it became clear that he wasn’t feeling terrific. We were supposed to go back to their place after dinner to meet up with my brother Chris, but it was not to be – Chris was sick as a dog and couldn’t even get to work, let alone play with us – and then it became clear that Dad needed to get home and get some rest. Even so, I think a good time was had by all. Here is also a view of Times Square later that evening in the wee hours of the night.

Next day, we checked out, checked our luggage downstairs and took a cab to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I took a number of pics until the point where cameras/picture taking was not allowed. But I was able to get pics of the altar for Mother Seton, the larger than life creche and the organ pipes/choir loft, among many others.

Then it was time to go around the corner and take a look at Rockefeller Center, The Museum Shop (to the Metroplitan Museum of Art) and the NBC Experience Store. John and I are such creatures of habit! We got a thank you gift for the lady he works with who switched reservations with us and allowed us to get here now rather than later when my folks will be out of town. We got some ‘fridge magnets from MOMA for Ruby and a color slidey puzzle thingie for Madison (Grandma wants to play with it, too).
I just love the angels leading the way to the Christmas Tree – and the ice skaters bring back such happy memories! I remember skating there a couple of times as a kid – some of my fondest memories!
John was a good sport and let me take his picture, but as you can see, he photographs a LOT better than I do!
After Rockefeller Center, we went to (what else) School House Products down on 28th and Broadway, where I got a few skeins of yarn – Lamb’s Pride wool chunky weight in brown and two skeins of Lace Cashmere/Silk! Cannot wait to give this a try – maybe a pretty shawl? I’ll think of something, you can be sure of that!

As the pictures show, they have quite a nice stock – and carry a lot of yarns in cones. Try not to pay attention to the overly large grandma checking out the yarn porn…
Finally, we made our way out of NYC by way of the Lincoln Tunnel and drove away from Manhattan back to good old “Merlin.” Where we have to behave, be grownups and pay the bills!
Tomorrow I’m back at work, but I had a blast of a vacation. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year and many thanks for your kind thoughts and messages throughout the year!

3 thoughts on “….And we’re back:)!

  1. It’s funny – being in another state for so long, it gets weirder going back each year! But I know what you mean!
    Take care,

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