I’ll Take Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island Too

scoodoodoobiedoo….. Well, we’re going to the Times Square area tomorrow – John gets a “freebie from Marriott every year in January and this is when we pay a visit on Dad and Maureen, treat them to dinner (for a change!) and catch up on life in general. It’s getting to be an annual tradition with us – and it’s a nice one. On a couple of trips, we saw a Broadway show and were going to for this trip, but the show closed, LOL! Oh well, we also go to the Museum of Modern Art and (thank you, John) to School Products – an unlikely name for a yarn shop, but there you have it, LOL! Maybe I’ll pick up a cone of yarn for another sweater for John or Madison.
I probably will not be blogging for a couple of days. The “kids” are going to have quite the party – they’ve headed out to the liquor store for some alcoholic beverage makings (now where did they learn such awful habits, hmmm?). Good thing we’re only gone for tomorrow and back by Monday! Actually, after two weeks off, I’m glad to be heading back to our normal routine. But it’s nice to have this one little fling before getting back.
Speaking of work, I’ve gotten about everything on the to-do list done, with the exception of the brief. I decided to make this a real vacation and intensify my efforts when I get back. I have next week and weekend, although there will be a lot of visits on the horizon and I’ve been working on that thing on and off for a while, so I don’t feel too terribly guilty. I do have a 1/15 deadline, though -no preshuh (as they say back home).
See you all soon – must get packing – oh yeah – gotta do the wash (oops!).

4 thoughts on “I’ll Take Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island Too

  1. Thanks so much:) It’s kind of fun – like re-decorating, but without the cost!
    Take care and Happy New Year!

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