Getting Back in the Saddle…bit by bit

ouch – no pun intended in that title!

Well, it’s cold, it’s January but the sun is shining here in our corner of central “merlin” and after a long night of being terribly lazy and self-indulgent, I’m ready to get cracking on a few things. I’m making my list here because it tends to make me a little bit more ….well, whatever.
Before I do, just to catch up on what’s been happening ’round here:
New Year’s day was nice and quiet after a VERY late night of babysitting the grands. The neighbors called and invited us over for egg rolls. Bill, our neighbor who is married to Pat, took this course on Chinese cooking about 30 or so years ago and he really does make the world’s best egg rolls. They have the usual ingredients and add a few more goodies like more shrimp and/or pork. Plus he makes a dipping sauce of soy, garlic and ginger that is amazing. I went (of course – free food – I’m there:)) and even brought some home for the gang to enjoy as an appetizer before dinner.

After a fairly brief stint grocery shopping, we had dinner with the “home team” and Dori, Donald and the grands came also. Kristin had a paper to write and Danny was in NYC I think. (I think.)

I finally got all my books from downstairs to up and had to rearrange the bookshelf near my side of the bed – took out all the books I’d already read, stuffed ’em into another bookshelf (shhhh) and rearranged the ones I haven’t on the shelf. I still have two rows on every shelf. What a shame to have so much fun reading to do! There’s an idea for a New Year’s resolution – a fun one at that!

The evening went well. John had to work at the hotel, which is unusual, but given the holidays, not terribly out of the ordinary. He’s back to work this week and I’m still “off” supposedly, but in touch with the office. In fact I need to do a few things today to get ready for next week.

Wednesday and most of yesterday were lovely days full of knitting. Here are a couple of progress pictures. I decided to use these yarn to make a complementary lacey little scarf called the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf by Nicole Hindes. It was nice to have something to break up the monotony. I just love ravelry! The problem is, there are so many really nice FREE patterns out there, it’s hard to keep from starting up something new all the time!

The blue scarf is a very simple lace pattern over four rows, two of which are just purl, so how bad can that be, right? I’m using two balls of yarn – one a linen – Euroflax – and the other from Frog Tree – a cotton/silk blend (mostly cotton, LOL!). The colors seem to complement one another, sort of reminiscent of the Solveig Hisdahl sweaters (Poetry in Stitches??). It may not go with the red, but should match a number of things the recipient has.

OK, enough of the eye candy: here’s my list for today. Let’s see if I get it done (then I’ll post my New Year’s resolutions tonight or tomorrow). Yes, I do them, don’t always succeed, but it helps to have goals in mind for the coming year.

But for today:

1:15 Shower/Dress, etc. 2:00 Call Heather B re: FTDM re: TD \

2:15 Call and arrange visit with TD

3:00 Office: check vmail, inbox and p/u files for next week, drop off B file

5:00 Visit TD

6:30 Home: legal research for brief on issue #1, Go through transcripts, Proposed Findings and locate cites, Begin SofF

8:30 Practice flute

9:00 Update Calendars and Client Lists




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