Weihnachten steht vor der Tür!

Finally, I am getting those Christmas cards done today:)! and they were done -at about 5:30 Wednesday morning (with a little break for bell choir), answering e-mails and other things. Tomorrow they go to the Post Office! The sky alternates between very overcast and sunny and windy, but it’s getting cold – hasn’t done thisContinue reading “Weihnachten steht vor der Tür!”

The Season is Fast Upon Us

And I am not ready! It does feel closer to Christmas after choir rehearsal tonight. We ran through the Christmas Eve Service music and we actually weren’t half bad (except for going about a full tone south – arrgghh). I’ve decided to give it all my full concentration and to just do the best IContinue reading “The Season is Fast Upon Us”

Tuesday, but Ruby was with Pop

The above represents my trip to the reaches of western Merlin today. I went all the way past Flintstone, but missed saying Hi to Fred and Wilma. Seriously, though, there were some very foggy moments on the road – so much so that I had to rely on the lines on the pavement to keepContinue reading “Tuesday, but Ruby was with Pop”

Snow Snow Snow Snow SNOW

White Christmas? Not necessarily, but yesterday was a bit of a surprise. I mean, the weatherwoman said it was going to snow, but I never believe them, LOL. After court yesterday morning, I high-tailed it home. The Beltway was only just starting to show signs of orneriness (good Lord, is that a word?) and IContinue reading “Snow Snow Snow Snow SNOW”