Ready to Ring in the New Year!

Did I tell you John is my hero? Yes, I got everything off the tree, and packed away 90 percent of the ornaments and Christmas kitch, and helped pack them up this afternoon, while we both itched away at our faces. I cannot figure out what the heck is in that tree – but if I’m found dead someday with an extra arm, you read it here first, LOL!
After all the packing up was done, John moved the boxes, new and old, into the basement, opened the window you see at the back of this picture and THREW the damn thing out the window!!! I laughed my a$$ off when he told me. We still have to get the stupid stand off the bottom of the thing, but it should be a lot easier with it lying on the ground.
So now we are ready to ring in the New Year – well, John’s working, most of our “kids” are going out after work or whatever. And I am babysitting Madison and Ruby (so it’s a good thing the toxic tree is gone and most of their toys are in place). Our neighbors are having a New Year’s Eve get together, so if the grandkids don’t come over too soon, I’ll spend a little time over there – otherwise we’ll do a quick visit then back home (they live about 500 feet away if that).
In the meantime, this afternoon the mail arrived, and I received a pleasant surprise – four of the books I ordered (Crafter’s Choice is having this amazing 9.99 per book – with some exclusions – sale this until Wednesday? I think.) Anyway, four arrived. I put them with the Fair Isle book I got from my Secret Pal, MitchyPoo very generously sent me, and the Cables Untangled I got from Betsy, a bunch of recent knitting mag purchases, the NY Times Magazine Crossword Puzzle, and I am in HOG HEAVEN:)
To me, there is nothing lovelier than a cozy evening with the grandchildren playing in the background, the TV playing New Year’s Eve songs, a nice comfy chair, the above literature:) and my knitting ! (Note the notions bag – that’s from Mitchypoo, too:) UPDATE: Quote of the day: Madison: “Mommy, which Mom-mom are we staying with tonight? Mom-mom or the grammy I have with Pop [me]?” Dori: “Gram, the one you have with Pop.” Madison: “Oh good – she really likes to party.” That’s my girl!!!:)
Happy New Year, everyone! Health and happiness to all of you:)+

6 thoughts on “Ready to Ring in the New Year!

  1. Gosh, how tidy! Is it a show home? 😉

    Also, how come you are in the USA and this room looks normal sized and not ginormous?

    Happy New Year


  2. Colin, you have GOT to be kidding me!! With six kids, any number of credit issues I don’t want to mention here and both of us working, we still don’t own a home, LOL, let alone one that has “ginormous” rooms:)). I still think we got the better deal with the kids – and as for the tidiness – just take a gander a few posts back and you’ll see how it USUALLY is:) That’s why it was so unusual I had to take a picture, LOL!
    I love how you name your socks! People should check out your blog to see what I mean. Funny how they’re always the name of some cute guy! Hmmmmmm. But then again feet don’t usually drum up images of cute girls, do they (at least not my feet!).
    Happy New Year to you!

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