Another kind of major project

One I’m not particularly proud of – but it’s done – and it took me all the livelong day to get it done!

I just finished! The pictures say it all.
Ahhhhh. Now I know where (almost) everything is! And I can really focus on that brief (I know, I’m on vacation, but this is a great time to be working on it.)

And now I can really really finish that sweater!:)

Good night!+

5 thoughts on “Another kind of major project

  1. Yes, and breathing is a good thing, LOL! Now if I could only get the rest of the house to look this way….!
    Thanks for your comment:)

  2. Would you want to travel southwest a bit to a very nice city on a river?? I’d love some advice and encouragement to accomplish the same feat.

    Another round of applause for your work!

  3. Thanks Gail and Mitchypoo! But keep in mind – I let it get to the point it was at before. The really well organized folks are the ones whose places look neat and tidy in the first place (but then we know that is a sign of a truly sick mind….)

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