Finally Done! Well, almost:)

It obviously needs blocking and after John tried it on, it became apparent that I need to add about 2 inches of length – approx 5 cm. I should be able to do this with a roll-up edge, as I don’t think it ever looks quite right to try to add ribbing to the bottom by picking up stitches. The collar was all I could stand to do after crocheting the whole thing together and it actually looks good on John, so all in all I’m pleased with the result. Maybe once the rest of the finishing work is done, I can get John to pose for me:) He’s a guy, albeit a shy one, but he doth look good in this! (He would say he looks good in everything, LOL!)

This was the result of about 6 hours straight of knitting on and off, with breaks for eating dinner and having a drink or two:).

This afternoon was nice – Dori and the girls came by and they came with us to lunch at the Tiber River Tavern here in Ellicott City, along with Sabrina and our next door neighbors Bill and Pat. We had a nice conversation and the food wasn’t bad – burgers all around. I’ve had so many really good meals lately that they’re going to have to roll me to the park to get walking! My poor body doesn’t know how to act!

Well, I’m off to bed – though I’m technically on vacation, there are a few things to get done tomorrow, to wit:
C & P report to MK
Exp report to SW
Motion for early review = SR case – and fax to BHB
shelter sched to MK, PBS and EGF
and finally (drum roll)
Clean off my blasted desk and get it together, darn it!!!! (and the picture you see is only half the story – the floor is just not something decent people should see. I don’t want to get letters from parents banning my blog from the parental controls. Oh the shame. Ah the humanity.
Stay in your homes…..
Good night.+

6 thoughts on “Finally Done! Well, almost:)

  1. Thanks to both of you! It’s nice to have an FO, LOL:) Will post more photos if/when…
    Sorry to have missed the Columbia Sip ‘n Knit Wednesday! It was hard to get away when everyone was home.
    Take care,

  2. Beautiful work! I love aran/gansey sweaters. If I ever get around to knitting a sweater (instead of just piles of socks) it’s gonna be a gansey. Your man is a lucky one.

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