Hey where are the hot flashes?

Boy was it cold today! Had court in the morning and thought I could get by with just my blazer, which was not very bright on my part. For some reason, the cold really got to me today. All I could think about was how last year at this time, come hell or high water, I was walking around the park near my house, sometimes with Nancy, sometimes alone. My left foot was killing me – (note to self: must get that toe looked at after Christmas, but no time to do it now – need to be on my feet Christmas Eve!) and the cold was really bothering me. Not walking has really taken a toll, so I WILL do something about that toe, even if it means slowly getting back to it in February. Whatever it takes. In the meantime, I’ve got to do something for exercise, because my carb addiction is getting the better of me. And I’m not blaming the holidays – I’m blaming me! OK enough of that for now.
When I got home, John had the lights on the tree. It’s getting there, albeit slowly. Unfortunately, I had to work – report to get faxed by 5 – then went shopping for christmas cards and other more mundane items. Mundane – that’s a good word.
I think what I’ll do is put this mundane life to bed, and see how things look in the morning. I just need some oxygen is all:)
Good night angels+

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