How I spent my weekend:)

Well, after Friday night, everything pales in comparison. Saturday, I was barely at home. Was up Friday night until about 3 AM – it’s the only time lately I have time to knit! Was up Saturday after a wee sleep-in and out the door by 10:30. Visited two clients in Taneytown, back to Essex to the office (not exactly time-efficient). Got a lot done at the office, visited two more clients, then home by 9:30 pm! Frogged and reworked the Hepburn cardigan to do all in one piece instead of in blocks and am now up to where I started on the back. Tonight I will work on those sage faux aran pullover. Two sweaters to get done by Christmas – that’s 9 days folks. Think it’ll happen? We’ll see. I do know that one recipient is heading for a warmer climate for the week after Christmas, so maybe I’ll get a bit of respite and get hers done after I get John’s done, but I don’t like to do things that way, so I’m going to keep on until my back’s to the wall.
Oh yeah, and there’s another brief due 2/1, LOL! No pressure!
Today was a lovely Sunday despite the grey weather. Went to the 9:00 service with Susie and Russ F. Their son is in the youth instrumental group and Susie is in our choir. The sermon was one of Rosemary Beales’ best, if one could ever compare them! I always come away from them with hope of a better relationship with God and a new way of thinking about faith and the spiritual and human realms.
This afternoon, I got a meal together for six – Dori is working night shift, so that’s four who can’t make it, Joey’s working the mall ’till 11, Kris and Sonny are meeting up with three of the sibs at a show in Baltimore (Danny, Sabrina and Betsy), So Danny and Cassie, Betsy, Sabrina, John and I were the only ones at dinner – only six (I’m not complaining!).
Next week, John and I will probably go to a friend’s house for a jam session and leave the “kids” to their own devices, LOL.
Well, better go – neighbors here. Electricity is out in the neighborhood – except ours, LOL!
+Good night angels!

2 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend:)

  1. Oh, my! Did you all get the freezing rain? Thank goodness you have electricity!

    We only had rain here. Although I did view the ice when we drove out to Front Royal this morning after I got home from church – it was beautiful!

    The winds tonight are awful! Very chilly!

  2. Hi Jinann! No, we didn’t get too terribly much precip, but the wind was blowing something fierce – Dori, my 911 operator daughter – told us they were quite busy that night from trees being blown down – and onto the roads! The electricity going out on our tiny “street” (really a shared driveway) was due to an entire electrical POLE going down. The BG & E guy had to sit with it all night long (per the law) and the crew got a temporary line into our neighbors’ homes. Luckily, they had a relative they could stay with – but the father and one of the daughters watched the football game (Redskins v. Giants??) at our house, LOL. We were not affected because our lines were put in later and are buried underground.

    Ice is always so beautiful when you don’t have to drive on it, isn’t it? And Front Royal is such a beautiful town – in the mountains, right? Drove through there once many years ago!
    Hope Santa is good to you;)

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