Tuesday, but Ruby was with Pop

The above represents my trip to the reaches of western Merlin today. I went all the way past Flintstone, but missed saying Hi to Fred and Wilma. Seriously, though, there were some very foggy moments on the road – so much so that I had to rely on the lines on the pavement to keep me right (and recently fixed brakes!). I went to the very interesting New Dominion School out in Oldtown, Merlin to visit a client for whom we have court on Friday. I was out the door and on the road by 7:20 and got there in record time two hours and some later. I was glad to have had the foresight to put my hiking boots on because my client, and another guide walked with me the mile or so up and down hill to the campsight where these young guys had created and built their own tents out of lumber (from the woods, mind you), tarps and plastic. There were outdoor latrines (I decided against viewing those too closely, LOL), flooring upon with they young gentlemen had their beds and sleeping bags, and wood stoves. They get to sleep in the main building when it gets below 15 degrees F. brrrrrr!!!!! It was probably inappropriate, but I joked about the episode of Prairie Home Companion where Garrison Keillor jokes about getting up in the early morning hours to (ahem) to do what is euphemistically referred to as taking a whizz and watching the pee freeze in mid air. Oh well, I never have laid claim to fame as appropriate!
After that lovely hike, and meeting with the client privately, I was back on my way to home. Then back out again to get my “stuff” to the office. This was not to be. 95 North was a parking lot for some reason. It didn’t make sense to sit in a parking lot, so I took the next exit and made my way back home. I’ll have to get my stuff in tomorrow early. Oh well.
Tonight was bell practice. We really practiced (for which I am very grateful)- so much so that the party was pretty much decimated. We did a little snacking and conversation, but no claymation movie (I have yet to ask of what). Apparently this is a tradition with the bell choir. I guess I’ll just remain a claymation virgin for a while. So what else is new?
The friend thing: I have an idea what the issue is. Right now is not a good time to discuss it, but I did ask to have a conversation when the time is good (I just want to clarify something). So far no response. We shall see.
Well good night, dear one and a half readers. God bless us every one!+

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