A Grey Quiet Sunday

Which is fine by me – I will miss the usual Sunday dinner with the granddarlings, but their mom is working the night shift tonight and, come to think of it, so is John. So, we’ll probably do something quick for dinner for three or four of us, depending on who is home and call it a day. I don’t mind this once in a while – have some evaluations to complete and a desk that has grown out of control. The opportunity is presenting itself, so I’m going to grab it.
This morning was an interesting time of ringing and singing. I am still trying to figure out what part(s) I’m playing for the Christmas service. The problem is, one of our ringers (the one I was standing in for at the beginning of the year) is back, but people come and go and many know these pieces, in fact, have known them for years, whereas I am just sight reading. I thought poor Nancy was going to blow a gasket this morning at the joint rehearsal between the services. I don’t take that stuff personally, because she doesn’t mean it that way, but it’s so frustrating not to have a part nailed down at this point in time. Ellen, one of our other (very organized, thank God) ringers, has gotten a chart together of who’s playing which bells- which should help. A lot. I am concerned because I don’t feel I’ve practiced anything enough. Well, at least I can practice the choir music.
I’ve been considering a serious change in lifestyle – trying to get to an earlier wake-up time at least during the week. My dream is to wake up at 5 a.m., exercise 1/2 hour, shower and dress for work (takes about 45 minutes – there’s a lot to reconstruct, LOL), practice flute 45 minutes and, if I don’t have court, violin for 45 minutes (once I learn how to play the durn thing). Then quiet time and planning the day, which should take about 15-30 minutes. That gets me to 8:00 or 8:15 a.m. If I don’t have to be anywhere by 9 (in other words, it’s a work at home/in my car day) then I can knit until 9 a.m. (Then I fall fast asleep, LOL!) No seriously, though, if I get to bed by 11 p.m. that gives me 6 hours of sleep on weeknights and a good foothold on each day. Problem is, I’ve wanted to do this for about 4 years now, LOL!
Today, I woke up at 6:45 and GOT up at 7:30. Not good. I’m thinking I should put a note on the shelf next to the alarm clock that says “flute and knitting if you’re good.” That would make for a terrific reminder, at least until it’s embedded in my brain:)
I’m going to try it tonight. Will let you know how I do on that;)
Oh, I almost forgot – yesterday’s caroling was fun. We went to one nursing home/assisted living facility and sang in about four places: the main lounge where we sang some of our anthems and did a carol sing-along with a number of residents, the chapel where we sang some quieter Christmas songs (it is Advent after all!) and on two of the floor hallways/lounges where residents who don’t usually leave their rooms could hear us. The second nursing home had forgotten we were coming and the office staff had already left for the day, so we left and that was that. But we had a good time and met up with some residents who had been choir members themselves.
But if I ever have to go to a nursing home, I’ve instructed my kids to take me out back and shoot me. I’m sorry. I do NOT like this segregation of the generations. It’s unnatural. Always has seemed that way to me. A part of me just rages against it, probably because I’m so close to that age myself.
This week, I’ve got court on Thursday and Friday mornings only, but have visits to do tomorrow and a couple of meetings re: clients to attend Tuesday and Wednesday, and THREE, I repeat THREE fun occasions. Tuesday evening is our annual Bell choir Christmas party. I’m told they run a video of the claymation Christmas thingie and really whoop it up :). Wednesday night, I’m going to see Danny’s play The Waverly Gallery, in D.C. Apparently it’s received some critical acclaim in the Washington Post. Our daughters went to see it and they think it’s one of his best. They became emotional; the play is a difficult portrayal of a young man and his relationship with his Alzheimer-afflicted mother. One of my daughters said that she had a hard time differentiating between emphasizing with the character’s emotions and those of her brother. There is going to be a brief q and a on Alzheimer’s following the play, which is by Kenneth Lonergan. Will report back later on that. We may be staying in D.C. that night – John got us a room at the Wardman Park Marriott and that could be a lot of fun – but I have to be at a meeting at the Towson Courthouse by 8:30 the next morning, so we may just head home after we take Dan out to dinner. That way I have but one Beltway to battle in the morning! We’ll see… Thursday after court is choir prax, which I hope and pray to have gotten enough practice in ahead of time so I at least know all the notes, LOL! And the THIRD wonderful occasion will be Friday evening – at the National Cathedral. Nancy told me this morning she has her tickets, so it’s a go. I am so touched by her kind generosity and I am really really looking forward to Friday evening. Hope I can keep my emotions in check:)
Well, those evaluations are completed. (There have been a few revisions since I started this post.) Unlike this post, I hope I won’t need to revise the evaluations (I always say good things and sometimes the Powers that Be frown upon that, LOL). Until next time, I wish you all well.+

2 thoughts on “A Grey Quiet Sunday

  1. I read that Washington Post review you linked to:
    “Danny Gavigan, who shoulders the role, has a compelling stage presence and infuses his scenes with naturalness.”
    That is so impressive! Right on! 🙂

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