All things revealed

well, some of them, LOL! I wish my cell phone camera could show you the vibrancy of these colors! My Secret Pal sent me an embarrassment of riches. Yesterday was a repeat of the dreary cold and wet weather we’ve been having. It’s almost eerie how both of her beautiful packages have arrived bringing color and sunshine into the dreariest days:) Her card was so sweet and lovely – and she revealed her true identity:) So now I am going to friend her on Ravelry. More about this below.

I had just gotten back from a rather tiring morning at court (OK boo hoo a half day of court – who am I to complain). I had finished follow up work, checking e-mails, paperwork like a good doobie. Then as the afternoon wore on, I decided to work some more on John’s pullover. I’m at the sleeves and am knitting them both at the same time, so it’s somewhat slow going – the patterns in this have been a little difficult for me to remember because it’s printed out and not on a chart. (Note to self – you’re a visual person, chart ’em – it’ll save you time in the long run). Here are a couple of pictures. It’s hard to capture the detail of the texture in the pattern.
The second picture is a more accurate depiction of the color, although still a little washed out. The sleeves use one V pattern from the front and back and add an additional side pattern. I am hoping against hope to have it finished by Monday because I have so much more to do before Christmas and I want to have this done for John to wear for Christmas Day if possible.
Anyway, I was sitting there, hunkering down to re-embrace the pattern and our penultimate child walks in the door, carrying in a package from our much-beleaguered mailman. What an amazing surprise! Inside the package, in addition to a very kind and lovely card were the following goodies:

Two skeins of beautiful Lorna’s Laces yarn in my absolutely favorite colors:), a bottle of soy hand lotion which I used right away – so soothing and smells delightful too!; a lovely grape-scented candle, a beautiful Portofino pouch (which I will use for notions while knitting!) a lip balm to die for (of course I used it right away – it’s winter here in Merlin); and the piece de resistance……(sorry can’t do any accent graves here)
a BOOK I’ve been dying to get for years!!!! Can you believe this? I put down my knitting and pored over that book for the next four hours! Of course I want to knit every pattern in it – and the history and photographs were fascinating! It was all overwhelming! Thank you Michelle a/k/a Mitchypoo:) I hope your Secret Pal is very very good to you!!!! You definitely win first prize for Secret Pal Karma:) I LOVED everything you sent – it was wonderful!!!
Speaking of secret pals, I’ve got most of the package ready for mine, but it still needs supplementing – so I’m off to the yarn shop today (don’t you hate when that happens;)?)
But right now I’m headed for the shower – have to be at St. John’s parking lot at 12:30 (no pressure!). We’re Christmas caroling at a couple of nursing homes – my favorite:)!!!
Have a good one everybody – be safe but be wild!
PS That situation with the friend – I’m not even thinking about it today. Life’s too short!

3 thoughts on “All things revealed

  1. I’m so happy that you like it! I admit, I peeked at your book and it peaked my curiousity to do some intarsia. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you anonymously and hope we continue to stay in touch.

  2. Thanks so much! I hope so too! Hope things are wonderful on your side of the country:)
    I am still enjoying the wonderful package you sent and am concocting all sorts of wonderful ideas in my head as to what to do with that beautiful yarn!
    Blessings on you

  3. Hi Joan: quite right to ignore the situation with the friend for the time being… focus on the beautiful secret pal gifts instead!

    Snow snow snow… grr grr grr. Ugh.

    Your office looks as though it has lovely light coming in! And, love the view from your “office away from office”.

    I hope this finds you well. Have been knitting away as per usual… oh – thanks for the link to the Barbara Gregory Bacardi article from Knitty on the NSFY blog. Hadn’t gotten around to looking at Winter Knitty yet!

    I posted another one of those me-me questionnaires on my blog. Do I remember correctly that you like those? 🙂



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