Hi – I am typing this as I sit at my desk in beautiful downtown Essex. Well, not my desk – the receptionist desk (the one with the computer, LOL:). I’m getting my “stuff” back to the office for filing, processing, etc. and checking any e-mails before heading back home and out for visits. Here’s the panoramic view of the receptionist’s station. I guess you’re not supposed to be distracted, while at the same time feeling very short, LOL:)
One of my e-mails came from Ann Kristin Haldors Fontaine, (I’m on her mailing list) – an Episcopal priest whose take on the readings this Sunday make so much sense – check out her blog (just click on her name above). She has also written a book Anyway, the “Revgal” takes this Sunday’s readings to mean one should be alert for the coming of Christ, not as the end-time jargon we so often hear, but as ways we find Him in our daily life. And sometimes that can be a great surprise when we think about it later.
An incident came to mind – funny how we recall things years later. I remember this homeless guy on the street who seemed like he had a huge chip on his shoulder. It was the late 80s and my life was all about hurry and stress then. I was still in law school, working for an excellent attorney who was also very abusive, and despite his protests to the contrary, very anti-feminist. So some guy accosting me on the streets of Baltimore was not something I relished. Anyway, he responded to my blank look and attempts to ignore him, with “Why all the blank looks? Why does everyone want to make me invisible?” or something to that effect. What he said had an impact on me that lasts to this day. I decided that there but for so many graces and blessings in my life would be I. That no human being is so lost that they don’t deserve the common courtesies of their fellow human beings. I never ignored anyone again. It’s not been easy, but it makes a difference. Not a big one, but a difference. I’ve often thought that in some way I encountered Christ in that man – not the Christ coming in the clouds in glory, but the vulnerable baby who needs relationships and touch and nurturing to survive. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. OK, folks this blog is not just about knitting or being a lawyer, it also has to do with theology. So skip over this part if you’re not into this. I understand. Please bear with me:) And if you have a different view, it’s really welcome here! I’m up for learning whatever I can about the Universe:)
Well, I better get going. I have a couple of visits to do and then a date with some bells tonight:)
bis spaeter+

4 thoughts on “Alert

  1. I like the name of your blog and had to come check it out….now I’ve enjoyed reading some of it. We are of similar age with some common interests. It’s such a small world. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. It’s nice to see what you are knitting, thinking, etc.


  2. Wow – I really enjoyed your blog also! So glad things are going better for the young lady:) I guess some of us “boomers” have twisted minds – thank goodness:)
    Take care and hope to see more of your work and blog as well.
    Gotta give Ravelry a plug, too:)!
    Take care,

  3. Hi Joan,
    I really enjoyed today’s entry. There but for the grace – yep, had those moments too. They tend to sneak up on you and say “remember me” especially this time of year.

    Why do all receptionist desks appear to be made for 6’5″ people or those who stand all day? I believe it has something to do with not allowing people to have regular views of the outside world unless they have attained a certain level within the organization and can then have an outside window.

    Enjoy the bells.

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