Monday, windy Monday

These pics are samples of what it’s doing outside my window – or my office away from office. Of course, one of my clients would pick this weekend to go AWOL from a group home –
the coldest yet this season! I can only hope she is some place safe and warm.
This weekend turned out to be interesting, LOL! The Bach B-Minor Mass was absolutely wonderful. Diane and Alison did a bang up job in the Concert Artists of Baltimore, as did the soloists, the instrumentalists and Ed Polochick. Thanks be to Bach! May he be rejoicing still in his little part of the Universe! Nancy and Rennie were very kind to offer me a lift. It was nice to see Charlie and Mimi B. from choir and Mary A. with her husband (from way back in the day when we lived in Cockeysville – Mary also sings with Concert Artists when they do the Messiah – she has a lovely voice!). I was grateful to be going with Nancy and Rennie – they are the nicest people and their company is always a joy. And of course, Nancy’s observations about the music and the performance were very interesting:)
Unfortunately, I didn’t do so well Sunday morning. John was home and getting used to the switch between day/night work. He had leg cramps and was up and down and in serious pain. That plus the lack of sleep the week before must’ve done a number on my brain because the next time I looked at the clock it was 8:45 YIKES!!! You never saw these fat little legs move so fast. I didn’t even have time to vest (although I did get dressed and was VERY thankful for having showered the night before!) but I made it upstairs in time to start the service. Phew. But definitely not good.
Last night all the kids, save Danny who went to see a show one of his fellow actors was in, came for Sunday dinner. I made a chicken cacciatore, and a vegetable medley with brown rice, so the vegetarians got a decent meal, too. Ruby is getting to be quite a stitch – she’s memorized the Care Bear Movie and will burst into song at intervals. What a hoot! Madison had a nice time. She has autism, but is so affectionate, contrary to many misconceptions about the condition! It was nice to catch up with everyone and thankfully everyone is healthy and relatively happy.
Today I did not have court, so I have been spending the morning getting organized. I still have to get the calendar up to date and then work on a couple of motions and an exception to be filed tomorrow before the TPR non-trial (non-trial, because the mother consented – we just have to let the court know).
This week will be a lot of the usual things: Court tomorrow morning, drop off paperwork to office, pick up files, visits tomorrow afternoon if I don’t have any shelters, bell choir in the evening (please God don’t let me screw it up!!!), court Wednesday morning (exceptions hrg), more visits and prep Wednesday, on call for shelters in the afternoon (unlikely to happen), “Sip ‘n Knit” Wednesday evening, court Thursday morning and afternoon, choir (yay!) Thursday evening, Friday court in the a.m. and on-call for shelters for my friend and colleague, Connie R.
On the knitting front, I did get a bit done on John’s sweater – the front is now done, and, as promised, I am doing the sleeves both at the same time. With any luck, I’ll be done with it by the end of the week – and then I’ve got to get moving on some Christmas knitting! You won’t be seeing any of that here – who know, I may have added a reader or two and what if I’m knitting them something??? (Yeah right, LOL!) One of these years I am going to get a decent digital camera so the color actually shows on my pictures, LOL! Wish you could see the sage green of this yarn – it’s really quite nice! John even likes it:)
About the issue with that friend of mine, I’ve decided to wait it out and continue to show that I am a friend. Wait and see. That’s what friends are for, LOL!
I wish you all a good week! Back soon,

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