Blue Skies Sunshine, What a Day to Take a Walk in the Park:)

And with any luck (HAH – what’s luck got to do with it?!!) I will do just that. OK folks, it’s Wednesday. I have survived intact my day of getting around with 3 1/2 hours of sleep that morning. I had a very challenging bell choir practice last night and am still alive to speak about it, LOL:) The sun is out. It is a lovely cold autumnal day and I gots things ta do, so please forgive me if this sounds more like a to-do list than a blog entry, but sometimes I have to shame myself into getting things done and, you know, whatever works….

Post midnight update:

First: get dressed and ready [done] for the mediation at 1:00 today [done]. Unfortunately that means I cannot make it to the last Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting for 2007. But I will be there in spirit. There’s that little matter of owing my time to my job during the day, so oh well…
Before I get there, I need to get two motions ready for filing [one done but not needed, the other not done and still needed!!!arrgghhh] and NOT FORGET TO TAKE IT TO THE JUVIE CLERK!!! [see above] Then there are three clients I need to talk with [got to the one I needed to visit], one of whom I need to visit [done] [because it looks like she’s going home and she sure doesn’t want to go!
At some point I’d like to walk around Centennial Lake [not done, dammit!!!!!].
Once the above is done, I need to prep for court tomorrow [done], which should not entail a lot – only two clients for tomorrow and one for Friday (but that’s the humdinger).
Then, I am going to try to get to and join the Central Maryland Knitting Guild [couldn’t get there – visit ran over – will try again in January]. They are meeting at the JHU APL Cafeteria. 7-9. When that’s over, I’m going to head over to Borders for some more knitting at the Columbia Sip ‘N Knit a/k/a Columbia Knitting Meetup, [made it to the last 1.5 hours of it] if at all possible (they usually hang out until about 10 or so). I am such a knitting whore – and I love it!
Tomorrow is court and later choir prx. Can life get any better? Have a terrific day, everyone!

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