Today I slept a little late – didn’t have choir until the late service. Was up until about 3 AM knitting. I promised John a sweater by his birthday and by George, he’s going to get one, LOL. (Although I did warn him this morning it was going to be touch and go for a while…)
Yesterday was one of those very quiet Saturdays. I didn’t leave the house except to walk down our street twice to check the mail that never materialized (no news is good news). Did a lot of knitting and two loads of wash. Pictures of the knitting to come soon – I’m done with the back and about 1/5 of the way up the front. Did I tell you John’s birthday is FRIDAY??? No pressure.

Choir was wonderful. This is a very busy time of year for a lot of people, in particular retailers, people in the hospitality and restaurant business and church employees, especially clergy and musicians. At work, things are moving along, and there’s plenty to do, but there’s a very slight lull right about the time of the holidays for which I am very grateful. And this is the time of year I love best. I know a lot of people get blue over the holidays and I’m no different, but life is not about 24/7 jollity. It’s about being real – and there’s something wonderful and real about looking at the world the way it is while at the same time having a vision of the way it should be.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Tonight we’re all going to sit down and talk about who’s doing what, which is a nice change if it goes well, LOL. I was thinking about that today – how the kids are grown and want to keep family together, with Sunday dinners and going out together and holidays together. We even have Elise a/k/a “L.B.” coming over – she turned 21 this week. Elise is our daughter JoAnna’s friend since they were both 3 years old.

It’s funny. My family of origin gets together now and then, but we’re all so scattered around the country that it’s not too easy to do. Our crew still lives in the MD-DC area, so it’s still do-able. I dread the day that it isn’t. And I am eternally grateful that they continue to want to be family together. Not everyone does. I see it all the time in my line of work.

And since I’m on a Thanksgiving rant, let me tell you about all the things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for an extended family that knows love doesn’t mean leaving your brains or your individuality at the door.
I am thankful for John, Kristin, Dori, Donald, Madison, Ruby, Betsy, Danny, Sabrina, JoAnna, Tori and Sonny. They challenge me and provide the core of my life. They love me in spite of myself. And I love them in spite of all outward appearances at times.
I am thankful for kids who are there for each other. I am thankful for a mom who, although was only there for my first almost-9 years, gave me the gifts of love, music and laughter:) May she rest in peace and know we’re all OK.
I am thankful my father is still around to see this family they started.
I am thankful my stepmother puts up with my father (just kidding)- but I am grateful for her! I am grateful for Dan, Dave, Rob, Chris, Kristina, Michelle, Jackie, Laura, Linda and Phil, because most of the “knew me when…”
I am thankful for good health – my own and others’
I am thankful that my kids have been challenged – some of them terribly – and have always risen to the occasion. That humbles me more than I can say I am thankful for a sense of humor that carries me through even the darkest places
I am thankful for Nancy S., one of my truest and dearest friends – knowing her has changed my heart and my very being
I am thankful for Paul C., another one of the same – who I keep waiting to hear tell me I’m crazy – and he hasn’t yet – thank GodasBBL!!!
I am thankful for insulin pumps that have changed the lives of clients and dear friends
I am thankful for the choir and the bell choir, for a sense of community and shared faith and fun
I am thankful for my church, for a faith community who, like my family, doesn’t require blind adherence to an inhuman dogma, but which is constantly looking for ways in which we can be Christ for others
I am thankful for the group of friends from OBHS who found each other here in the MD-DC-VA area and stayed in touch and stayed friends despite many many differences – Peter, Melissa and John, Demetrius and Yanni, Jon and Roni, Perle, Lynn, Deb, and Martin – may he rest in peace!
I am thankful for the group of friends from Middlebury – the college and the town – who have been a mainstay for me of faith and friendship – for Vicki, Mary Beth, Martha, Paul, Ann and Tony, Terry, and even the ones I don’t keep in touch with as much -Father Andy, Janie and Cat. I am grateful for the next generation in our family – for our kids’ and nieces’ and nephews’ kids – and their parents who are working each in their own way to make this world better for their kids.
I am thankful for colleagues who understand what it is to work in our crazy profession and who consistently show that you can still be a human being AND a lawyer!
I am thankful for music, for that thing in which I can lose myself and be at one with the universe (OK I had to get all existential somewhere…)
I am thankful for knitting – that my hands can do something for others that shows my love – oh yeah and knitting too, LOL!

I am thankful for laughter and color

I am thankful for being alive.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I like your list of what you are thankful for – family, friends, faith, love, life and music…

    I’ll add the international community on the Internet where we can meet and know one another without borders.

    Enjoy your family on Thanksgiving and always.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Absolutely, Gail!!! How very true:)
    Thank you for that and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, too!

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