Will I Shine? I think I will….Happy Halloween!

I am typing this as I await small ghosts, witches and gremlins to ring our doorbell. KFC is sitting on the kitchen table because “Pop” and I took a walk and then took the easy way out for dinner, LOL. So much for burning off the calories!
But I’ve been good and stayed off the sweets. Candy just doesn’t have that allure for me. Now pastries, donuts and other stuff – well, suffice it to say that I avoided 7-11s and Royal Farms for the better part of a year. Now I go in for the coffee – step away from the other aisles – quickly!
Had court in the county today – an exceptions hearing for two little boys. Cannot say much more because other items are pending and you never know…. but it was a good result so far. This afternoon an 18-yr-old had a hearing in the City. I really like the judges and masters in the city – they are so human and they really are child-centered! This young lady has done so well. She wrote a poem for the people who have been helping her along and read it in court. It was titled, “Will I Shine.” It was hard not to cry hearing it. Needless to say it made my day. Everyone applauded this young lady. THAT’s what kids need – the support and caring of their community. Would that all my clients get this!
Between gigs, I stopped by the office, looked at the final copies of the brief to go to the appellate court tomorrow (scary – my name on the front, LOL!), read the 100 percent better brief of the AG’s office, and put that one behind me for now. Next month more of the same with another case – and hopefully argument (or maybe not) on this one!

John and I went for a walk in our local park this evening. We both needed it. He with his shoulder arthritis and me with my bloomin’ arse as they say in My Fair Lady, LOL. And last week was not a good one for walking with all the rain we got.

Well, here are our only trick or treaters this year (as last year, LOL):

But these trick or treaters invaded – Madison the Witch and Ruby and Kangaroo had their nefarious ways with the candy and the toys! Above are Pop with Madison, Dori with Ruby and Betsy with Ruby and Aunt Kristin getting her camera at the ready. It was a school night, so Dori, Donald, Madison and Ruby headed home fairly early, loot in tow.

Last night the marked a new day for yours truly as a knitter. My DH actually made a request, so I couldn’t deny him.
Having a bunch of sage green Encore superwash worsted in stash, I was good to go. I chose a “faux cable” sweater from America Knits by Melanie Falick. More on the sweater on Ravelry (when I add it later!). Knitting into the wee hours of the morning (such an appropriate thing to when one has court later, but whaddya gonna do?) I was able to get a fair amount done.

But I have not forgotten the second sock to that beautiful Mountain Colors yarn. As you can see, I might have enough for a pair of short ones or a stripe or two of a scarf.

Well, my colleague is covering the afternoon docket for me today (I covered her a.m. cases), so I will be heading out to our local Midas to get my brakes fixed yet again. This evening is choir praxis and then tomorrow is court yet again in the morning. Tomorrow evening will be the evensong at the Cathedral I am alternately looking forward to it and dreading it.
bis spaeter!+


3 thoughts on “Will I Shine? I think I will….Happy Halloween!

  1. Lovely green colour!

    Thanks for your post on my blog re. the robes, etc. They have their usefulness to cover up shabby old suits, it’s true 😉

    This year’s pics are now up… posted yesterday. Alas, no robes.

  2. Kristina – forget shabby old suits – how about jeans? I guess not, huh?
    I will definitely check out this year’s pics:)
    Colin – thank you for your kindness. Your work in the aran arena – hand knits and machine knits – is positively beautiful. And you SHOULD definitely publish a book of your patterns! (being a pushy broad again).
    Thanks again,

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