Words fail me, LOL!

Well, at least the hair’s a little better, LOL! Remember, we’re going for neat and tidy here, not hot and sexy (as if!). You’ll have to go to Kristina’s blog for that (just kidding, fellow lawyer, LOL!!!) Anyway, yesterday was a lot of fun. It’s always a challenge to sing with other choirs and have other directors conducting! It’s funny, the more I saw of the other choir directors – and they were very good, mind you – the more respect I have for Nancy (and I already have a GREAT deal if you’ve been reading this thing!). The rehearsal was fine. I am grateful to be ringing AND singing at this one – so I can be busy enough to contribute but not quiet enough to lose any effectiveness at all by crying through the whole thing!
Last night I finished the first of a pair of socks in the Mountain Colors yarn. I did not use Colin’s pattern, but figured I should start out with something a little more traditional to get the hang of ribbing-down socks. Tonight, without fail, after completing changes to the brief, I am casting on for the second sock – no second-sock-syndrome for me! Oh no!
This picture doesn’t come close to the vibrancy of the colors for this yarn. I love the way the different ribbings and then stockinette (stocking stitch for you Brits/Canadians) treats the yarns. And the sock fits. Perfectly! Lord I am so selfish! I think I have to do a pair for my DH. He’s starting to get jealous:)
Tomorrow we get a new cable/phone/internet system installed, so I must needs be home. The good news is, I will be available if any problems come up with the brief. The bad news is, I won’t be able to get any walking in until late in the day. Nancy is out of state, visiting family in Wisconsin, so I am on my own, but I will walk tomorrow somehow, provided the weather is as lovely and cool as it was today! I will, however, miss our conversations during which we solve the problems of the world and bare our respective souls one to the other. Ah well, can’t have everything…

3 thoughts on “Words fail me, LOL!

  1. Thanks for the blog link, Joan.

    I hasten to say that the butts in the ashtray you saw were tobacco only – very bad for a leftie, I know, but I am truly addicted (and not silly enough to photograph other types of butts… ah… a triple meaning there potentially… oh well).

    And – my Lawsuit was partly inspired by the struggles that you face going to court regularly (I don’t). Tune in on 31 October if you want to see a pic of me decked out as a real Canajan barrister…



  2. Oh – and PS I’m growing out my hair. So – I’ve gotten the rep of wearing hats all of a sudden. My work network have been sending in hats galore… I am a lucky lawyer indeed!

  3. Oh dear! I was bad, wasn’t I – what an inference for a law woman, LOL:)
    OK, now I’m going to ask a right stupid question, so excuse my ignernce (as they pronounce it here in Merlin), but don’t y’all were them there wig thingies when y’all go into court?? Or is that what happens in England or Yerp only?
    If so, hey, the barrister thing can only help with the hair growing out thing. I have tried the hair growing out thing but each time I did, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to the ladies on the broomsticks. Helpful on Halloween, but not when one is interviewing small children and scaring neighborhood pets….heh..heh…heh…cackle…cackle…cackle…
    I cannot WAIT to see your blog Wednesday!
    Canajan Barrister indeed!
    My brother is also an attorney, and we often wonder how it is that either of us, given our genetic makeup, could ever pass any bar (without wandering in and ordering a drink or ten….)

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