Wow. Timing is everything:)

Today is a rather dreary day. But I am feeling good if somewhat tired. The brief got finished last night – after a full day of concentration, one client visit and two hours of choir practice during which I acted like a total nerd -could not stop the giggles and goofing around (sorry, Nancy I really am 53, not 13). Now I am in the revision stage, but that is a walk in the park, believe me. After sending an e-mail off to my colleagues for their comments, I decided I needed to unwind, so I sat up a bit and watched an HBO serial drama I’ve been following called “Five Days.” And I knit (SMILE). I did another stripe on the second sleeve of the Cables and Os sweater and I am bound and determined to finish that thing this weekend!
Fall has finally arrived. There’s that wet cold chill in the air. But I love it- that cozy feeling of being indoors while the weather does its thing. And we need this rain. Boy do we need it! Unfortunately my overly ample backside could use some walking. Big time. Especially since the only exercise one gets while sitting at the computer is that too brief walk from the kitchen table to the fridge and pantry. Not good. Definitely not good.
After I finished my last revisions (for now) and sent the second draft to my colleague, I thought I’d settle into a nice browse on Ravelry.

Then the UPS guy came, rang the bell and promptly deposited two packages on our front stoop (ah the joys of working at home!). One was for one of my daughters, but the other was for me and there was no return address. Hmmmm. So, I opened the package and what to my wondering eyes should appear but:
A veritable bouquet of color, guarranteed to bring the sunshine inside and a note that said, “Hi Joan, Hello from Sunny California!” Bless her heart, she (I assume it was a she) did not include any sinful snacks (THANK YOU:)) but her note did include some kind comments and the box she sent was jam-packed with lovely things. She had actually taken the time to knit a really lovely “Ball Band Warshrag” (those of you who have the Mason-Dixon Knitting book know whereof I speak) in a beautiful yarn and in a nice neutral color! Every gift was wrapped in such lovely paper and two of them were in these adorable brightly colored carryout containers. Too cute:)! I received a package of yarn bobbins (I will learn intarsia, I will I will I will! – and now I have no excuse:)). There is this adorable sheep that doubles as a measuring tape, LOL, made by Lantern Moon, a company that provides a means of producing income for people of Vietnamese descent (please support them!). If that was not enough, my Secret Pal included a candle with a wonderful scent of patchuli (I love that), a bottle of Lavender Eucalan concentrate (wow – always wanted to try that!!) AND two lovely balls of sock yarn by Marks & Kattens in Clown. Oh boy – now I really want to get going on some sock knitting. I can’t wait!

But here, see for yourself! Isn’t this a great way to warm up a cold grey autumn afternoon?

Who wouldn’t want that on their kitchen table? I think I’m starting my weekend early:)….



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