WalkNow Already!

The following is brought to you by the famous team of Madison’s Super Divas:

We all wore our buttons proudly and got the T-shirt for the walk. A lot of money is being raised to make us aware of the prevalence of autism in our lives and for research to treat and hopefully cure it. Families on this walk didn’t have to worry if their child tantrummed or stimmed or did other things. Instead of angry stares, they got knowing smiles. And that was lovely. Madison was a trooper! She walked the full 5K without a grumble, although she did make it clear she was very interested in a ride on the carousel! And of course the melt down came later. But it was a day specially ordered for all of us. The sun was shining and it was warm, but not too warm – about 74 degrees F. It was a slow gentle walk against the background of Washington’s national monuments. What was particularly moving was the diversity of families who contend with autism. It truly is a national epidemic and, like most conditions, knows no race, religion, nationality or ethnic group. I spent the morning with five of our daughters, our two granddaughters (even Ruby got out of her stroller for the last half mile or so) our son-in-law and their assorted friends. John had been working two jobs for 10 days straight and finally had a night off, so he caught up on sleep. Kristin and I got to talk; Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna basically laugh at me most of the time, and that’s fine. After the walk was over, we (Betsy, Sabrina, JoAnna and I) left Kristin, Dori, Donald, grandangels and friends at the D.C. Mall area and moseyed over to where we had parked the car. Danny was rehearsing at a place in Cleveland Park (near Georgetown), so we headed over there and had lunch with him while he was on break. Dan’s doing well professionally – pictured last week on the front page and page 10 of the Style section of the Washington Post – but not too well in his personal life. So it was reassuring to see him laughing and smiling with his sisters. There are times in your life when family is extremely important – or at least having sibs that get you, LOL!
Oh, by the way, because Nancy has helped so much by walking with me, she’s been granted honorary status as a member of Madison’s Super Divas – and she will have the pin to prove it!
Did I work on the brief yesterday? Not a lot. Because a short time after returning from D.C., John left for the Center Club and I got in the shower to get ready to see a good friend of mine singing with the Concert Artists of Baltimore. It was the kick off for their 21st season and as usual Ed Polochick, ably assisted by Jonathan Polevsky of WBJC (our local public radio station), had the audience in the palm of his hand. Many years ago (23) I sang first alto with one of Ed’s choirs – the Baltimore Symphony Chorus – and it was an experience I shall never forget. The Symphony Chorus is gone and in its place is CAB. Diane L, a member of my church choir, retired music teacher who still teaches, sings soprano with CAB. Alison E., one of the music teachers at our Parish Day School, who, by the way, is quite an accomplished knitter, sings alto with CAB. We rode over together to the concert. Alison’s children were with her as her husband, an Army band member, is on tour. Her children were truly a delight. They, too, have an interest in music and are extremely bright and inquisitive. It was a fun evening to say the least. The entire concert was an homage to the music of Georg Friederich Handel and to this rank amateur, it was a night to remember! Alison showed me a sock she’s working on with Socks that Rock Rocktober. All I can say is the yarn is even better in person than it is online, LOL! She’s got me hooked. Sorry, John, but I am going to get me some of that yarn – eventually:) It was so much fun to talk about the latest Vogue Knitting Starmore pattern and the various projects she’s done. I encouraged her to try Ravelry, but she rarely gets online. It’s so nice to have a fellow knitter in the midst -actually I shouldn’t say she’s the only one. Jane T. of the adult bell choir is also an avid knitter and part of our church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry!
This morning, I got to play in both services – bells with the kids at 9:00 and singing with the choir at 11:15. So, needless to say, between the ringing, the singing and the knitting, I am one happy camper. Now if only that brief could get done magically on its own….RIIIGGGHHTTT…..
Well, that’s actually a good thing too. I get to represent my client before the appellate court. It’s really a privilege to represent children. So despite my p*ssing and moaning about it, I really am happy to do it.
And on that note:) I depart.+

4 thoughts on “WalkNow Already!

  1. Hi Joan: just got your response on my tag post about legal reading. Don’t feel guilty. It is I who am feeling guilty about spending …er… too much time this week looking at knitting stuff at work on line rather than doing my job. Don’t tell my boss!


    Back to my crochet now. Have had enough of Driedger.

  2. Glad the walk was such a success! The evening of music sounds great as well.

    Maybe some friendly gremlins will help your fingers (and mind) fly and finish the ‘brief’ quickly and that it be most effective in assisting the client of yours.

    Brief is an oxymoron – like military intelligence. I’ve never seen a brief brief. DSIL is an attorney in NJ/Philly.

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