Whoever called them "briefs" was lying…

OK, so the word is what they call a false cognate – words that mean one thing in one language and another in another. Brief is like the German word for letter. A letter to the court. A LONGGGGG letter to the court, LOL! I am under a deadline, but that doesn’t stop my knitting. Probably too much yarn withdrawal lately, what with no knitting for three days!Tomorrow is the walk and hopefully the weather will hold up. We’re meeting early tomorrow and moseying on down to DC. I will miss a much needed extra choir rehearsal, but family comes first.

Just got a very kind invite to go see a concert of mostly Handel (Baroque) music. I accepted, as they say, with alacrity (or perhaps better stated, with e-mail).

Well, one sleeve is done for the Cables and Os. Can another be far behind? Would that I were as slim as this unblocked 4/5ths of a sweater would suggest! Well after tomorrow’s walk maybe I’ll be a little closer to it, LOL!
Not much else to report. More news tomorrow probably! ‘Bye+

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