I been a baaaad blogger….

The last six days have virtually flown by! It’s probably because we had a long weekend, what with Columbus day “off” (well the office was closed, but I did have a meeting to go to Monday). Let’s see if I can recap the last week (testing for CRS – can’t remember sh*t – syndrome):
Sunday began in the usual manner, but ended unusually. Our church choir sang at the first service. I stayed with a few others to sing a bit of the second service, then got some money from the ATM (going out to dinner later). At 1:00 we all carpooled over to the Bonnie Blink retirement home to sing an Evensong service. It was lovely and we had a good time, although it’s hard to know how we sounded from the inside out. But I really enjoy spending time with my choral buddies and however we sounded, we had a nice time. John couldn’t come along because he was bartending at the Redskins game that evening (nice, huh? He makes it and I spend it…). We all went to dinner at the Peppermill Restaurant in Lutherville where the food was excellent (and I maintained my low carbs) and the wine flowed (shared a couple of bottles of good red with Bob and Ann M and Jeffrey S) and silliness was had by all. Luckily, Nancy (with Rennie) drove me back to the church, by which time I was sober enough to drive and I got myself home. But then the family was all there and having more food and more wine, and I continued to enjoy the vino. Probably not the coolest thing to do, but I didn’t act more foolish that I usually do.
The next day, Nancy and I walked the lake again and made it ’round without stopping. But she asked me if I’d try an experiment: 28 days with low carbs, whole grains only, fruits, veggies and no alcohol. Think I’d gotten a little off track on the food? and the booze? Maybe. Wine does pack on the carbs and I had not been losing weight. Her concern touched me to my core, and that’s an understatement. And when one of your best friends in the whole world says she’s worried about what you’re doing to yourself, you can’t help but listen, so I agreed. And so far, so good. I don’t think I have a serious problem, but why not quit before it becomes one? And if the scale is correct, I’ve lost back some of the weight I gained back.
Ok, Tuesday, I really wanted to walk, but you know how it is: have to make a living to support my habit(s) – you know – sleeping in the same bed, food, clothing, knitting and walking… After a meeting at DSS in Baltimore City, came a shelter hearing then after work, manning a table for my alma mater (Middlebury) at a college fair and then directly to bell choir (ahhhhhhh:)). Now that’s a wild group! Quick snippets of hilarity interspersed with intense concentration (at least for this newbie ringer!).
Wednesday was a beautiful day – got some paperwork done, got a walk in with Nancy (yay!) and again made it around with one brief stop. Had my Wednesday knitting meetup at Borders where there were even MORE people showing up! So much in fact that the other Borders customers were starting to get pissed off! Apparently they were laboring under the misapprehension that Borders is the same as the library? I dunno….
Thursday was court morning and afternoon and another walk (double yay!) and we were even faster getting around that lake, LOL! Yesterday evening was choir practice and a little party afterward to get a “chair for charity” (DON’T ASK!!) done. I brough hummus and celery and it was really really good:) And we learned that one of our members has a new little granddaughter! So cool:) Welcome Gianna!

Bob and Ann brought their famous “Happy Punch.” There’s sort of a joke amongst Episcopalians: Where two or more or gathered, you’ll always find a fifth.” Well, I like it, LOL! But I didn’t indulge per my promise. And anyway, I am weird enough without it:)
Today I had court and did not expect to get in a walk. In fact, I got caught in traffic after getting out of court and forgot to turn the phone ringer on and didn’t get her call and it was just too late to walk with Nancy – she has to be home at a decent time for her family. Bummer. So, when I got home, I got this “urgent message” e-mail from out office manager and thought “oh sh*t.. what’s happened now?” Turns out it was Charlene (one of the City attorneys who plays guitar and sings a mean “Going to the Courthouse Blues”) telling me to bring my flute!! (to the conference).
OK, little things like that make me happy? Because it means I’ll have a chance to play music (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) during our down times at the conference. It’s only Sun-Tues, but one night of fooling around with some Irish music can’t be too bad, right? So, I’m taking some music with me, because I’m not a really good improvisor. So, we’ll see how it goes – finally! I’ve been trying to play music with Charlene for over a year now, LOL. And this way, I can’t be drinking – although this crowd loves to drink:)!
On the knitting front, I’ve made precious little progress on the cables and os sleeve, a lot on the scarf for breast cancer, and a little on the second Endpaper mitts for S. And that’s it. Sometimes you just have to keep plugging along. But I gotta tell you – looking at all these people who knit not one but TONS of fair isle sweaters of the A. Starmore variety, aran sweaters, on ravelry, on various knitting listserves I belong to, knitting things from this book and that too numerous to mention, I wonder why I am so SLOW! Then I realize: OK, yeah, I have a job that has me moving about a bit and I need to exercise to get myself back to healthy and I have clients with needs and things to do in the evening (including knitting:)). So I am going to stop being so impatient and enjoy the process!

Now wouldn’t it be great if we could all treat life that way? Is that what they mean by mindfulness? I wonder………..+


4 thoughts on “I been a baaaad blogger….

  1. I eat low carb because it suits me. i lost 100lbs and am still losing slowly, with the added swimming. However, low carb stopped me being bloated, having gas and the runs and feeling awful! I was allergic to grains and didn’t know it.

  2. Wow – I do include some grains, no allergies, but am being careful because I can really get too into them. As long as I keep exercising and watch white flour and sugar, I’m going to see what happens.
    100 pounds! That is fantastic! And it proves the naysayers wrong, doesn’t it?
    Good on you as they say on your side of the pond!

  3. Joan,
    I’ll join with you – long distance. The condo I live in has a drive around of about 1 mile – so they say and if I walk it in a figure 8, it will be at least a mile – maybe 1 1/4. Carbs (chips, breads, etc) are my downfall so we’ll see what happens. Need to do something to get the poundage to drop some more…

    No matter what, take down time for yourself as you can – and us non-speed knitters will get done too.


  4. Great,Gail! Sounds like a plan – Nancy and I are shooting for 3 or more times per week. So far so good – no wine (I’ve discovered it’s the taste, not the buzz, that I like, LOL), not many carbs, increased the fruits and veggies an NO sugar! Down with bad carbs and processed foods that include them!
    Whoo hoo!
    See who needs wine to be a weirdo?

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