Up to no good, of course!

Again, it’s been a few since I posted, but life and work doth intervene into our fun and knitting (often the same) time! I have gotten some knitting in and some walking, so not bad.
Well let’s see – when was it I last posted? Last weekend? Last Sunday after church, I had lunch with Nancy and we agreed to walk Monday afternoon after I got done with court. I got done later than expected, but we were able to make it around the lake – not sure how long that is, but it usually takes us about an hour and we were done in about 10 minutes less – little to no stopping. It pays when the person you’re walking with is in excellent shape (she trains, no less!) and in a bad mood, LOL:) It’s funny, walking had the opposite effects on both of us – her BS was lower (I’m not going to tell you that doesn’t mean bullsh*t) – and I wasn’t feeling weak and dizzy anymore (forgot to eat earlier). I hope that means I was burning fat and that she could go home and have a decent dinner.
Tuesday, I had court – again – that morning and afternoon this time. No bell choir; it was our anniversary – 31 years! We went out to dinner at a really lovely restaurant in Ellicott City – Jordan’s – and spent more than we should have and of course drank just a little:) We both took a look at our wedding album and could not believe how young our folks were! We are older now than they were then (!)
That night we both crashed early and then it was up for Wednesday, court in the morning and visits in the afternoon and evening – had to pass up a walk with Nancy to get those done, but the job taketh precedence! That evening I went to the Columbia Knitting Meetup where we learned that Lynn FINALLY!!! has her Ravery invite – she’s LynnZ:) It was nice catching up and checking out everybody’s projects. Got a chance to look at Veronik Avery’s new book – Knitting Classic Style – for the third time (always the charm). Nice stuff in there.
As usual, I got home late and tried to get some work done, but couldn’t. Ended up finish Carmen Bin Ladin’s book and was fast asleep by some ungodly hour. Got up today at about 8 despite my efforts for an hour earlier. Went walking and did fine. Then court, and now here I am home, about to hop into the shower to get ready for choir.
I have been working on a few projects and wish I could post some pictures, but my cellphone isn’t cooperating (aargh…) Update – here they are…The second Endpaper Mitt set for S has made some progress – not so much with Cables and Os sleeves (but I’m determined to make some headway tonight!!) I’m also working on a Backyard scarf for one of my DDs (color in picture doesn’t BEGIN to show how vibrant the green is – and yes, I know, it isn’t Christmas yet, but this is nothing like what it will look like and she’ll never read this thing – I hope…) and the JaspeRed (but in a blue colorway, LOL) is moving along. I’ll get back to the socks really soon – and I’ve also cast on and done four rows of the Elann shawl/wrap. Sometimes you have to look at something new. Guess I’m just a project whore….
Well, I gotta get moving – have choir and tomorrow morning court AGAIN…
Maybe I’ll squeeze in a little knitting tonight.

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