Getting (Mo Betta) Organized

Happy Sunday – and it’s a lovely day today. And hot as blazes in the choir loft! After 15 minutes of our morning rehearsal, I was perspiring so badly, it was dripping in my eyes, LOL! That’s what happens when you get Indian Summer, two extra layers of vestments – black robe/white cotta – and menopausal me (who never really gets hot flashes, thanks be to God, but must’ve today) . Phew, it took a pile o’ water out of me, so much so that when I left church, I had to run to the nearest fast food drive thru for a diet soda – a large one!

Then I went to Target. I went to Target to see if there was a relatively inexpensive way to organize my knitting projects so that they are not an eyesore in our living room. I think I did it, with only a small bit of money, relatively speaking. Here’s the before picture:
Note the stacks upon stacks of bags. Not neat. Not particularly attractive.
Here’s the “after:” Not too shabby, huh? I kept four bags going – three for ongoing projects and one for storage because I think the fair isle pattern of the bag is pretty. Also wanted to use the Sheep and Wool Festival (2006) bag for projects, since it brings back such happy memories. Makes for a neater den/living room area anyway. As I finish a project in a bag, I’ll move a project from a box and it will be waiting for a new project to fill it (RIGHT).
Today John is bartending at the ballpark for the Redskins game. Betsy is watching the Ravens game here at home. And I should be getting some paperwork done for work, but oh no, I’m blogging instead, LOL. Later I will do some of that work. I will also be knitting. Apparently one of my daughters who does not want to be named on this blog liked Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts so much, she wants me to knit her a pair -but with two solid colors for better contrast. I’m using a Sage Green from my stash (good old Red Heart acrylic) and a Caron super soft beige color for contrast also from stash. Got her approval first, so it may just be a winner. But the Cables and Os is softly, rebukingly calling my name. Will probably work a bit on that first.
(Oh dear, how many of you have knitting that talks to you? I feel like that Vietnam Vet in this who’s the cook in this camp movie in which the canned food gives him advice.) +

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