Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts

As you can see, I’ve made some progress since last night. I didn’t have time to put the last pic in this group online as I “published” my last blog entry. The Endpaper Mitts are made from yarns in my stash – leftovers from an attempted sweater in the 1990s and a pair of socks recently made. Because
the contrasting color is variegated, it’s harder to see the lovely fair-isle pattern. That being said, I rather like the colors I’ve chosen anyway. The drabness of the grey is offset by the bright blue/green hues of the sock yarn. It’s such a small project that it’s been fun and enjoyable and a little break from the Cables and Os sleeve that I have NOT progressed on!

If you click on the link for the title of this entry, you’ll find the pattern. It’s free – and the example on Eunny’s blog really shows off how a good contrast will show off the pattern better. You all should know I got this pattern from a link on Ravelry (Sorry LYNN!!!!) I cannot wait until the rest of my knitting meetup gets on. Unselfishly, I’d like them to enjoy what I’m enjoying. Selfishly, I’d like to see what projects they’re up to and if I can do something similar ;).
If you have read this blog enough times, you probably know these are for a friend. Duh. My hands and wrists are WAY too large for them. However, in the interests of full disclosure, I will say that the first one was “christened” by those of small wrists and arms in my knitting meetup – and it passed muster.
I was thinking about that knitting group today. And the whole concept of diversity as we often hear it. Sometimes I think the whole crafting craze is a way to escape from the real and often scary responsibilities of being a citizen of this world we live in. It’s a way to look at pretty colors and patterns and getting into some sort of Zen-like state (definitely not Maryland!) to shut out our troubles. Mindlessness that keeps us from the mindFULness we need to truly live. Okay, maybe this is too much philosophizing. But you know what? When a bunch of people get together and knit, often we talk about just those things. And our thoughts are all very different. And so are our races and creeds and ethnic backgrounds. But we share this thing we like to do together. And we come together over it and for a couple of hours a week put those differences aside. We trust just a little tiny bit more. How bad can that be?
On a more mundane note, after I last left you, dear one and a half reader, Danny’s former in-laws stopped by to drop something off. We chatted and had a nice conversation. Then they left and I was off to choir praxis – another high point of my week, LOL:) Unfortunately, I’ve had this cough that just makes me choke from time to time and doesn’t seem like much but won’t leave me alone. And after the long day I had yesterday, I was really really tired. I had a glass of wine when I got home, but it turns out I didn’t need that to relax. I don’t even remember hitting the old pillow. Anyway, this morning I had a very brief hearing, made a bunch of calls, sent a bunch of e-mails, cleaned up the playroom (big deal!) and hunkered down to work on the Endpaper Mitts. It was a lovely day, but I felt so weak and dizzy and just had to take the day off from walking because I didn’t want to walk alone and end up embarassing myself in a public park. At least I will hopefully get the EM’s done tonight and get cracking on those sleeves for the Cables and Os. So close and yet so far…..
Speaking of which, what is it about sleeves that makes me feel like a kid being kept after school? I think it’s because they are a substantial piece of knitting that usually (for me) occurs after the largest part is done. I think I may try knitting sleeves first for the next sweater I cast on. That way, I won’t have that stuck after school feeling, LOL!
Tomorrow I have at least two visits and probably a trip to the office on the agenda. And a lot of wash (please God) and if I’m lucky some flute prx.
Oh, and I almost forgot – I sent out my first Secret Pal package a week or so ago, just wondering if it all was OK and never having done this before and thinking how all of it was so mundane, but my “pal” e-mailed me to thank me and was ever so gracious and thoughtful to this newbie:) I am enjoying this. Got an e-mail from my Secret Pal who says a package is coming. So much fun!
As EZ used to say, “Knit on!”

2 thoughts on “Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts

  1. Thanks so much – the contrast is even better in person, but the variegated yarn does confuse the eye a bit, LOL. Hopefully they’ll be of use to the recipient!
    Thanks for your comments:)

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