A bit of knitting done, but not much else

Other than beginning to clean out our bathroom, LOL:)

Let’s see, since our return Wednesday evening, I have finished a sock, begun its twin (a habit I aim to continue with), cleaned out the crap out of our bathroom that we will not be saving (as in bottles of this and that with 10 percent of whatever gunk remaining that we will never use), cleaned up the office area in preparation of work on Wednesday, got the right front done on the Cables and Os cardigan and am now on the back decreases, got my knitting/crocheting books inventoried on My Library thing and to the extent possible, into Ravelry (BiG SMILE HERE). On Thursday, I spent the better part of the day getting my projects there, too, and looking for crafty friends on the web from various places. I’m glad I was on vacation when this started because I actually had time to do it. September and October is going to be CRRRRAAAZZZY, so this was my only opportunity. With any luck, I’ll get the stash thing done, too.
It’s funny, I never thought having “only” 17 (and one on the way) projects with 10 in the queue is not so bad, LOL:)
Tomorrow, I’m going shopping and shipping for my SP11 pal. Should be a lot of fun:)
More pics to come!+

2 thoughts on “A bit of knitting done, but not much else

  1. Wait till you start searching all the great patterns that are on Ravelry, that queue will start to fill up, Just watch 🙂

    See you Wednesday night!! 🙂

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