On the Road to Atlantic City -…THERE

Hi! Am typing this from the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel here in Atlantic City – on lunch break from Beyond Finding Words a follow-up course to the Finding Words forensic interviewing training for people involved in the area of child protection. So far I’ve met a Florida prosecutor and a forensic interviewer from South Carolina. The course is very very interesting. Going to conferences like this does just what any vacation should do: injects me with more determination to do my job right:)!

Did not get much knitting done yesterday, what with packing and spending time with the grandkids before driving up to AC. But I did – I really did – take the Cables and Os sweater with me and a small sock project for my purse and I think the Baby Surprise thingie, so I won’t be lost here in the big city…


Of course it arrived early early this morning, so I got my name in via my cell phone and finished up the profile info here on the internet at the hotel. But it is so cool. My username is FugueStateKnits, so please come over and give me a holler. I am so looking forward to getting even more involved with this when I get home!

Ahhhhhh…. I love vacation. John is getting some rest too back at the room. I’m skipping lunch so we can go out to dinner tonight. Schweet! Who says you can’t enjoy yourself on a shoestring? (well I’m too old for the G kind, LOL!!!!!)

Bis Spaeter!+

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