I am in Hog Heaven

Can’t figure out if “hog” or “heaven” is the operative term. Since arriving home yesterday afternoon (and a flat tire providing me with no way to accomplish a client visit I had hoped to do), I spent until the wee hours of the morning knitting the Cables & Os sweater, , finished the second of the blue pair (for Kristin) and began another toe-up sock (they are addictive, d(*& it!) and a Baby Surprise Jacket (yarn from the stash, yarn from the stash!!) which of course looks nothing like a jacket, or a baby or a surprise right now, LOL:).

And now I’m ready to shape the shoulders on the Cables and Os for the left front and am wondering whether I should attempt short row shoulder shaping or just follow the dang directions? Any votes? Here’s what I’m gonna do (since I’m now officially on vacation, sorta kinda and have a little bit of time for a learning experience): I’m going to try to do short row shaping and see if I can do it in the number of rows the directions call for. If it doesn’t work, I can always rip back a few rows, so really, what’s the harm? I’m going to post this paragraph on the NSFY KAL blog and see what if any response I get.
Progress in another arena, though not of my doing: Ravelry is still moving along at its 153-invitation-per-day rate, so it looks like I may hear something Sunday or Monday (they say I’m at 274 on the list now, palpitations!). If/when it happens, I plan on using FugueStateKnits unless somebody else is playing with my karma, man…..
I am excited about the conference in Atlantic City, and that John is coming along, but am concerned about my flat tire and the fact that John may have to leave mid-way through the conference (boo). Hopefully that will work itself out. He needs the rest FAR FAR more than I do! Not that I’ll be resting necessarily. I’m hoping to actually learn something while I’m there!
Coming back will have its rewards as well. I want to be around when one of our kids has that biopsy (I keep wanting to call it a “bibopsy” a la Andrea Martin in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and know that she’s OK. Madison starts back to school. I need to get back to walking so I can do that walk-a-thon in DC in October. Nancy’s back (YAY) which means music is back and walking and watching my piggish ways! I think she’s the first friend I’ve had who is actually a good influence on me. Bell Choir, EfM and Choir!
And a brief, which I should have been pro-active enough to get started on (at least the facts, LOL!)
It’s all good!
Well tonight I’m going to stay in vacation mode. Tomorrow I’m going to finish up what I need to do before we leave for the wilds of New Joysey!
G’night Angels!+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

2 thoughts on “I am in Hog Heaven

  1. Wow, lots of knitting progress. Your blue socks look great and I love the cable sweater. The colors are really nice. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    Your SP11 Pal šŸ™‚

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