It’s Wednesday and ahm Tarred…

It’s been a LONG couple of days, but I’ve been able to get a lot done and yet still have a lot to do. After hitting the sack at 3:30 am Tuesday morning (it felt like Monday night), I got up at 7:30 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY!!!), finished updating some things on the calendar, and got to a staffing at DSS for a client of mine. Then to court for a review hearing only to find my poor client had gotten locked up for a Violation of Probation (did you know you could get one of those for picking your nose improperly? – well maybe that’s a teeeensy exaggeration….) Review hearing done in Towson, I was on my way to Westminster, some oh… 50 miles away(?) or something like that. Met with another client and his wonderful foster family and then, like Willie Nelson, On the Road Again to meet up with a lovely friend who invited me to dinner as a thank you for visiting her after her surgery (wasn’t that really nice of her? I hardly did a darn thing for her!). We sat outside and had a lovely dinner and conversation and caught up on things. So I was there tiring the poor girl out for about four hours! We celebrated Betsy’s birthday on Sunday and gave her the usual “big girl” birthday gift that morning (ok, she’s 26 and we figured money would be preferable), so I didn’t think it would be poor form to accept the dinner invitation, since she was going to be hanging out with her sibs playing video games and such.
This morning again up at 7:30, did some paperwork, got ready for another meeting about a client at DSS and then on the road back home to get ready for tomorrow’s court fun and frolic. Had a personnel meeting at church and then was a little bit (try 2 hours) late for our knitting meetup, but it was fine, they stay ’til about 10:30, LOL! I FINALLY got some knitting in. Re-did the toe-up sock so it is the right size and the toe doesn’t look like those cockroach killer shoes of the fifties – or wait a minute, you know, those pointy-toed high-heel toe cracking shoes the skinny women wear? Did a row or two (!!) on the Cables and Os sweater and I’m DONE!
Tomorrow is court – the county in the morning and the city in the afternoon – and Friday is another meeting at DSS (I’m moving in and saving on rent!) about another client and court in the county and then I think I’ll be done for the week or hope springeth eternal.
But you know what? I really really do love my job and my clients and besides in 11 days I’ll be going away to Atlantic City for a conference and a little fun with hubby. How bad can any of that be?
Good night, angels!+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday and ahm Tarred…

  1. Man alive – am exhausted just reading your post! 😉 I salute you for your excellent efforts… and whether your clients let you know it or not, I’m sure they appreciate your hard work as well. AC with the hubby sounds like some good downtime 😉

    Thanks for your post on my blog re. the Tomato. I tried to contact you directly but am too luddite for video chat! I’m very much enjoying your blog and would like to link to your blog from mine if you’ll let me. Feel free to drop me a line at or on the blog either way.



  2. Please feel free to do anything you like, LOL! I am running late for a meeting, and feel like I should give you a proper response – so more to follow later:)
    Take care,

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