My summer projects

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish by the end of September (it’s still pretty warm here until October). There are a total of 10 projects, two of which should be done by the end of next week, and I suspect the sock knitting will be an ongoing thing to take along for “down” times, so really do they count? If not, I really only have about six projects to complete. Then I’m going to start snuggling with my winter knitting (forgot to tell you: I’m such a pervert!)Hexagonal “Wedding Shawl” for Nancy’s son, Joe’s, wedding. Seven more motifs to go and then I get to stitch them all together! Hoping to finish by this coming thursday.

Prayer Shawl – almost done!

Mason-Dixon Log Cabin ‘Blankie”for Katie.

No Sheep for You -Cables and Os cardigan for me.

Sock knitting (!!!!!!) Two pairs underway.

Nina Shawl – haven’t lost hope yet! Either will be for Kate or Chris and Jessica’s new baby – we’ll see!

Not a WIP, but I’m kind of pleased as to how this turned out and wanted to show off, LOL! This fair isle number started out in the round as a sweater for yours truly, but was so huge, I could double it, fold it over, stitch it up and add handles and I had a bag of course. Now it holds the Nina Shawl Project. That’s what I get for not checking gauge! The yarn is all acrylic and the pattern is taken from the Green Mountain Spinnery book – a wonderful pattern book that brings back such fond memories of my college days in Vermont!
Lily of the Valley Shawl from Lace Style (Interweave). Can’t wait to get back to it – I love the color and the cotton knits up nicely! Heartbeat sweater in some sort of weird cotton viscose (weird yes, but I like it too:))
And finally this is a wave cable wrap from Janet Szabo’s Twists and Turns. An EXCELLENT newsletter with lovely cable designs and innovation and creativity in every issue. Well worth the price of a subscription. (Plus, she has back issues!) Your LYS might carry it – one of mine does. The yarn was my sole purchase at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this May.

I am posting this so that I do not embarass myself on September 30th and have yet another mess of unfinished business sitting around the house (well it actually is sitting around the house and looks like this:

Why you’d never know it was all there, would you??

Well, I’d better get upstairs and get ready – John and I are going to see Danny’s play tonight. Lisa, his mother-in-law, will be there, too. I swear, Tori and her family are as good to him if not better than we are – hope he appreciates it!

auf Wiedersehen!+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

2 thoughts on “My summer projects

  1. Colin – you are very kind. And this comes from a man who knits by hand and by machine with some of the loveliest work I’ve ever seen!
    Hope the puppies are doing well and that your legs are feeling better and that you are enjoying the cooler days of summer (we’re having a break from the heat here on the west side of the atlantic pond…)

    Take care,

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