Back from the City of Brotherly Love or Yarn Harlot – YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMonday night, we had a lovely time with my Dad and stepmom, Maureen. Betsy, Sabrina and JoAnna joined us. We had dinner in the center of the city – or I think it was the center of the city – at a place called the Rose Tattoo Cafe’. It was in a building that at first had us wondering if the place was OK, but once we took a good look at it inside, we realized we were in for a treat. The food was good, too good in fact. And the wine was not bad:)
The only tough thing was a call from my friend, Diane, you remember her, the lady recuperating from knee replacement surgery? She was having trouble breathing and swallowing and was feeling rather panicked, wondered if I could stay with her that evening – but there I was 2 hours away. Another friend from choir stayed with her that evening and all went well.
After rush hour, Betsy, John and I drove back in one car and Sabrina and JoAnna stayed behind to do a little sightseeing/shopping. Betsy had to work, I was on call for 1 PM shelters and John needed to get a haircut and rest before he worked his usual double shift that evening/night. Getting home, we were greeted by sunshine and not-too-terrible temperatures. Our little herb garden is doing well. The basil especially is growing like crazy. Had to take a couple of pictures.

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As it turned out, we had no shelters and I was a bit lazy. I stayed a bit with Diane last night, working on the hexagonal motif shawl and got another three done. 10 more to go! I am hoping to do a big push tonight and this week to get it done by next thursday. We shall see. Diane and I talked until midnight and I think I just tired the poor girl out! She did not need me to stay with her and I think she got a good night’s sleep.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingThis morning I worked on the shawl again while waiting for the carpet cleaning guys from Sears to arrive. They came, they saw, they cleaned, they treated. Life is good – or at least it looks better, LOL!
Besides the shawl, I worked on a baby blanket for my great-niece, Katie. I decided to do the Log Cabin blankie from Mason-Dixon Knitting instead of the Nina shawl. The jury is still out on this one, although I do love the colors:
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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingNow HERE’s something I SWORE I wouldn’t do! No, I did not buy any new yarn – this was sitting in my stash, innocently waiting to be a scarf. But it is sock yarn. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a/k/a the Yarn Harlot, was recently on Knitty Gritty and demonstrated how to knit a sock in her inimitable fashion. I have her book, Knitting Rules and would love to have all of them. Philisophically, I have been opposed to sock knitting. I believe that yarn that beautiful does not belong on stinky old feet. Stinky baby feet, maybe, but not stinky old feet. Watching the sock demo, I felt my determination never to knit socks begin to waiver. OK, so I’ll knit a few socks….. With all of this just waiting for me to continue to knit some more….Oh, have I no morals?!!

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Tonight is knitting meetup with my fellow enablers! Can’t wait. Tomorrow is a very short court day, a visit and then choir praxis! Yippee!

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