Monday, Monday can’t trust that day

I have to laugh. I got this biorhythm report thingie in my e-mail from this woman who has been sending me my weekly horoscope. Nothing ever seems to work out as predicted (DUH) but this one took the cake. Apparently this week my emotional biorhythms are starting out at an all-time low and gradually moving up, while my intellect and physical condition are at high points heading for an all-time low. Does anyone out there understand this stuff? So does this mean next week I’m going to be happy as a pig in you-know-what but too stupid and too sick to know it? Bummer, man…..
The above picture has my son, Danny, and another actor in the play For Boston which is one of many entries in the DC Fringe Festival this summer. This picture was on page N4 of Sunday’s Washington Post. We are very proud of his work. His sisters say the play is excellent – and they are tougher than any drama critic I’ve ever heard/read/seen! We will be catching the play probably this coming Saturday since John will not be working the hotel that night and CC is off for the summer on Saturdays.
Anyway, I am sitting here at the office. My co-worker is covering the one case I have this morning, but I need to be there this afternoon to do a hearing for a very problematic case. Then, it’s home for a quick shower and change and off to dinner in Philly with three of our kids, my Dad and stepmom, Maureen. We always have a good time when we see them and the kids enjoy their time with them because they are not the kind of parents/grandparents many of my friends have who feel they need to hide things from. We’re spending the night there and driving back tomorrow morning early in case I have any shelter hearings that afternoon.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHope everyone’s weekend was fun. I had a very lovely one. First, I spent Saturday driving to and from Garrett County (Maryland’s farthest western county – about 2 1/2 hours from where I live in central Md.) to visit a client of mine and three courtesy visits with clients of my colleagues. It had to be the most beautiful day we’ve had all summer. The sky was clear, there was a lovely breeze in the woods and the trip and the visits couldn’t have been lovelier. And thank God for my GPS system, LOL:)
On the way back I stopped in Cumberland and visited a yarn shop there. Good thing I didn’t have much cash with me or I’d be in big trouble, LOL. That shop had good prices – it was called Millicent’s Yarns and More – terrific selections (the Euroflax was to die for) and wonderful, friendly staff who let you browse without making you feel like a potential shoplifter. They also carry a nice selection of locally made yarns, all of which were lovely. I will definitely make this a stop on my next visit around Christmastime:) But of course, I had to remember “knit from your stash, knit from your stash, knit from your stash….”
When I got home, I was happily surprised to find that all of our kids were there, grandchildren in tow. (Well, except that Danny was in DC getting ready for his opening night performance.) John was in the yard, finishing up the lawn and the house was (of course) a disaster. So I immediately went out and did some errands (clean? moi? now that would have made too much sense!) In the midst of pandemonium – and too many interruptions (sorry, Nancy!), she called to see if I wanted to go with her to keep our friend, Diane company after church the next day. Her call made my day. Diane leads our church’s children’s choir and she is recuperating from knee surgery. She is the lady I visited last Monday. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon and since we weren’t going to be doing the Sunday night dinner thing, I knew I could really enjoy myself because I wouldn’t be worrying about having to rush back home much before 5.
As I predicted, the day was wonderful. Diane looked much better than she did on my visit Monday and was moving around quite a bit. She still has pain, but is on the mend. We had a nice lunch, cleaned up a bit, did some dishes, changed her bedclothes, got her comfortable and situated and sat a talked a bit. That may not sound like a rock concert to you, but there’s nothing in the world better to me than to be with people I like and admire. That’s why I love being with my family (I know you guys read this thing – come on, admit it!).
I am hoping to get in some more walking this week especially if the weather holds up. Today is not looking too hopeful, but maybe tomorrow or even Thursday since I don’t have too many hearings.
On the knitting front, the shawl and cardi are neck in neck and I have to get some work done on both.
Well, better go so I can get my work done! Have a good day and a terrific week. I hope I can be a blessing to someone today!

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