Sneaking this in before I sit down to eat….

It’s Sunday evening – we’re about to sit down to dinner and we’re pretty close to a full house:) Danny may or may not be coming. Kristin, Sonny (with Milo in tow), Dori, Donald, Madison, Ruby, Betsy, Sabrina, JoAnna, “L.B.” a/k/a Elise F., John and I are already here. We’re going to have pasta, but that’s OK, the meatballs are amazing! And so is the caesar salad. And the garlic bread and the whole wheat baguet Joey brought from Panera (mmmmmm…..). What’s best of all is the hum of voices and the conversations and the laughter.

Never let it be said that I need peace and quiet. No way!

I’ve started back to work on the shawl for Nancy and hope to have more motifs done tonight by the “telly.” We both took a nice walk yesterday – lot of fun. I just feel badly sometimes because I do have trouble keeping up with her, but thank God for the challenge – and she certainly has been one in so many ways – all good of course:)

I actually skipped church today!! What a badass! (I guess I’ve now earned the button on the right, eh?) John is making most of the dinner, but I’m going to have to quit this soon because he will want/need help. No problemo – somehow I figure I’ll be doing the “after” because he’s doing “before” and he’ll be asleep as soon as he hits the TV chair, LOL.

Good times:)

Except that we just found out that John’s sister-law, L0-Ping’s, father died. He was hit by a car near his home in Queens while out taking an evening walk! This is crazy! He was a very nice man -as are all of Lo-Ping’s family – who had lost his wife just a few years ago. How awful for the family! John is going to drive up there tomorrow. I feel badly that I can’t join him – and he’s none too little annoyed with me, but I have to work, since the other attorneys are on vacation and I have a hearing tomorrow afternoon and shelters Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m glad he’s going. It’s got to be so hard for her, living on the west coast.

And so it goes…..+



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