A few things I’ve learned

One thing about the Cables and Os pattern is that it’s very forgiving. I’m having a lot of fun with the yarns and even though I’m not particularly thrilled to be knitting in stripes and I may have to do something about the linen ribbing, cotton yarn with the size 4 needles is a lovely combination. I’m getting good stitch definition and it’s not a hard pattern to internalize, if you will. When I say forgiving, the only problem I seem to have consistently is remembering the yarn overs for the “O” part of the pattern – the mini lace column. I’ve learned that even if I miss one of them, it is ever so easy to simply correct on the wrong side without even having to tink back and fix it. I simply pick up a stitch as if to do a make 1, but I don’t twist the stitch, thereby leaving the lovely little gap that makes the “O.” Even the stripes are working out to a change every pattern repeat – though I may change the order of the colors as I get toward the midsection. And finally this I should have mentioned in my initial postings: when dividing for right front, back and left front, I decided to divide along the pattern repeats with the idea that the two additional stitches I’ve left on each side of the front (total of four) need to be accounted for in the armhole shaping and when it comes time to divide front and back. It’s just a lot easier to do it that way while completing the bulk of the bottom, more straightforward knitting. Does this make sense to you? I sometimes have trouble putting the pictures in my head into words (I hear there’s medication for that, must look into it…..)
For my fellow countrymen and women, Happy 4th!
Joan a/k/a FSK


2 thoughts on “A few things I’ve learned

  1. That did make sense… 😉 so you can save the medication money for some more yarn…

    And… wishing you a happy holiday on this (my holiday Canada Day, and a day off tomorrow from work!!!)

  2. Hi Kristina – After seeing Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, yesterday, I want to move to Canada!:)Do they need more lawyers? (Oh dear, don’t answer that- this sounds like the beginning of another lawyer joke…)

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