New To – Do List

Well, it’s Sunday – nice quiet Sunday, LOL:) Dori, Donald and the kids won’t be stopping by for Sunday dinner – she’s working tonight. But we’ll see them tomorrow when we’re watching the girls while they go out. Haven’t heard yet from Kristin. Danny is staying with us for awhile, but I’m not sure of his schedule. JoAnna and Betsy are working. So it looks like it may be only seven or eight of us for dinner at most – probably more like five or six.

Today is an absolutely beautiful afternoon. I will need to go out to go shopping, but don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze a walk in. Bummer. We won’t be having such ice weather for much longer. Today is what we used to call a “beach day” when I was growing up on Long Island: clear, sunny, breezy and not too hot. Ahhhhhh…..
Church was an interesting juxtaposition between the old which is becoming new again and the new which is becoming old. This morning we welcomed a new associate rector – a young priest who (I realized as he gave his sermon) is the same age, give or take as our second oldest. Nancy played as she usually does and was of course terrific. Particularly stirring was the rendition of the psalm. When the choir sings, we have a cantor and the responsory part is in 4-parts (SATB). Today, Nancy sang tenor, Sally alto and Donna soprano and it was stunning! Sally and Donna also sang duets – one by Vivaldi and another more modern. The contemporary music group also sang and it frankly just wasn’t very good. Although Andy, the leader, has a lot of talent and a decent voice, his singers were nowhere near the ability of the three more “classical” soloists. Unfortunately when you put both together in the same service, it tends to show up the flaws in the less well done part. I’m not saying that folk music doesn’t have an amazing beauty all its own. Please don’t be hearing that from me. I just think that Nancy tends to attract very good people (and in my case, those who aren’t so good, but at least stay out of the way of the ones who are, LOL). This is because she is very good at what she does. I write about her a lot on my blog because she is a very dear friend and a lovely human being but also because she is the first truly genius level individual I’ve met in a long time who isn’t also terribly self-absorbed. What she has to say on a lot of topics I find extremely interesting, even if I don’t see things from her viewpoint. She’s truly a breath of fresh air in my life and I imagine the lives of quite a number of people. Having a friend like her makes one want to improve in one’s own life – not that I’ve been all that successful, LOL!
Anyway, I really think that what used to be considered “new” music is really going by the wayside. What was considered “old” is now being seen by fresh eyes and the relevance of sacred music is being re-appreciated, if you will. I saw a very vivid example of this in church this morning when Sally and Donna, accompanied by Nancy, were singing the Laudamus te from the Vivaldi Gloria. Children who normally go to the contemporary service were getting up from their seats and stepping back to look up into the choir loft to see who was singing. I saw that sense of curiosity, mixed with child-like joy in their faces. That’s what kids should be hearing at church services – the history and faith that came before and making it their own. Music serving God – not the other way ’round.
Back to the mundane – the shawl is moving along. I figure I’m going to need about 33 of the motifs (rows of 7 -6-7-6-7) since each is about 10 inches long and wide -and I also would like to finish the outside with some sort of simple edging – maybe just a couple of rows of single crochet. I’m done with four motifs. If I do an average of two a day, I should be ready to put it all together by mid July and have it done in time. Fingers crossed!
Well, my to-dos for today and tomorrow are as follows (talk about from the sacred to the profane!):
1-UPDATE CALENDARs (e-mail Shelter Cal to MSK, SW, PP, CC, PBS and EGF)
2-complete office paperwork and get files together to bring back along with filing for office
3-head count for dinner
4-grocery shopping for dinner
5-clean downstairs bathroom
6-vacuum downstairs
7-Finish wash
8-motion to rescind for Br. S.
9-Check on B transcripts (do I have ’em all?)
10-other pleading responses
11-K.H. TPR responses mailed
12-Call Nancy C. re: visit with B.H.
13-Get bill from S-P and U MD for F to DW
14-Volunteer at D. Ct.
15- Pick up notary commission at courthouse before or after volunteering with MCRC at D. Ct
Not bad for a couple of days. Of course when I get to the office tomorrow, a LOT more will be waiting for me, LOL!
But I can dream that my life is some sort of manageable mess, can’t I? At least for today….

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