Embryonic, but no sheep:)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHi, my name is Joan and I’m happy to be joining you all in the NSFY KAL. I have to admit the somewhat catchy title and the interestingly clad model on the cover of the book had me thinking it was going to be full of “stuff” for people, let’s say a lot younger than moi and perhaps a bit kitschy. But I should have known that anything Amy Singer put together would be that… and more:) There are all sorts of new things in there plus some really really interesting and lovely projects. Have to admit, I thought of tackling the Morrigan, but figured “lessigan” was better for now! Please bear with me – this may take me years to complete with my crazy schedule and my tendency (when I finally do have the opportunity to settle in for a good knit) to stare off into space only to come back to reality/the pattern with a start and having to tink back three rows (I’m still a bit chicken about frogging rows at a time – I know, I know, eventually I’ll be a big girl and do that…)

As for me personally, I’m a married woman, mother of six, grandmother of two, and advocate of about 150 young people at any given moment. Have been knitting since the Middle Ages – some time after Charlemagne, I think, albeit not with a great deal of care. I’m getting better, though:)
Law is my profession, but music is my heart. I’m a rabid liberal both in my politics and my theology (well, I guess that depends on where you are coming from, right?).
I’ve always wanted to knit something with cables and lacy-ness, so this looked like a good candidate. There is a little twist (other than the cables): I am having to dig into stash and therefore may have a few color changes, but I will try to be gentle. Thanks for this book, Amy – it’s really quite good!
Am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s creative efforts!
Joan a/k/a FSK+

2 thoughts on “Embryonic, but no sheep:)

  1. Welcome to the KAL. Looking forward to seeing your progress (I too am working on Cables and Os right now).

  2. Welcome! And pfft – years, schmears – knitting is supposed to be fun, who cares how long it takes. (Well if you’re making it for other people they might…)

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