OK, so I’ve got a firm grasp of the obvious….

Did anyone out there see the Sopranos last season finale this evening? OK, here’s my take on it – and I won’t give it away for those of you who weren’t home tonight and taped it for watching tomorrow: I think Tony (at least) is killed since the series is done from his point of view. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

In other news: after the wedding, we went to Ft. Myers to visit John’s sister Jane and brother-in-law Ken. They took us out on their boat on the river, we had dinner and caught up on what’s going on in the family. It was soooooo wonderful to see them. We really really enjoyed ourselves – and boy is Ft. Myers a beautiful town – such a difference from the commercialism of Orlando-DisneyWorld.
We got home the next day. John had to get back to work that evening and is even working tonight – unusual for him. He must be exhausted! Hopefully he’ll get some rest tomorrow night.
Thursday evening, before choir practice, Nancy gave me a magazine article on autism from Discover magazine. The article, showcasing the research of Martha Herbert and others, makes a strong case for autism being an inflammatory or autoimmune type of illness, likely increasing in incidence with the combination of weak genetics and exposure to toxins and bad nutrition. From that I was able to get some names to research and now have some links on the blog.
Madison is doing a lot better at school. She will be receiving special ed services and the doc is trying meds to combat the symptoms of ADHD and autism. That bus driver was fired, by the way.
Friday was our end of the year EfM get together. We have one more class Wednesday night.

Yesterday was spent knitting and doing the wash. I should have cleaned and vacuumed more, but didn’t. Today after church, I went to the office to prep for tomorrow’s court day and to avoid getting slammed as the week progresses, LOL! It looks like I’m going to have a couple of fairly long distance visits – don’t know if I can do both of them, will see.

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on that shawl thingie – with a mercerized cotton yarn that seems to be working well with a lace pattern from Lace Style, but lately I feel like I’ve been tinking more than I’ve been knitting! Pics to come as progress becomes more evident.

Tonight the little persons came over – after they got their adorable summer haircuts. Too cute! They both look like baby pics from the 1920s! They went to this neat salon where the kids get to pic a cartoon video to watch and get their hair cut while they sit – entranced. Now why didn’t I think of that back in the day, LOL!? My kids’ bangs used to look like this:

Well, back to work – have to get a few things typed up before or immediately after court tomorrow so I should hit the proverbial hay….


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