Get Ready

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to go back to work tomorrow. John is already back, having gotten a half holiday with that bartending gig Saturday night. Today, we had all the kids (except Danny, who is still filming in Alablankingbama), the grandkids, the in-laws, a BF and “L.B.” JoAnna’s friend since age 3. So it was a full house for dinner tonight. Had all sorts of naughty things to eat and drink, but in moderation (especially the booze!). The girls are out at the movies and I’m waiting for them to get in. This week Tori turned 22 and Joey 21. It’s funny, I don’t usually get the “creeps” when alone in the house lately, but tonight for some reason I do. It happens from time to time and I figure it’s some intuitiveness or just exhaustion and accompanying paranoia. I’ll get over it or get tired enough to get to bed.
It was weird yesterday. Normally, with or without choir, I’m up and out to church on Sunday mornings, but this week I just couldn’t get up the steam to go. I think I was just being lazy and am hoping this was not a trend. At least I got the floor mopped, some vacuuming done, one bathroom cleaned and a load or two of wash done – big hairy deal, right?
I’m reading a couple of really good books – have all but finished Anna Quindlen’s Rise and Shine, a book that should be made into a movie. It’s my kind of book, a story about sisters and their relationship with NY City as backdrop. Now I don’t want the story to end. But when it does I will finish the Nuremberg book by Mr. Sonnenfeldt.
I did frog the shawl and started using Janet Szabo’s wrap pattern, which so far is coming along fairly well. Pics to follow.
Well, it was a fairly restful weekend and I got to see almost all of my family, so that’s pretty damn good:)
This week: catch up on work, on visits, get back on diet and exercise.
I’m writing it to stay on track!

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