My head hurts. Because I’m a moron. I had some wine last night – more than I usually do – because I used the bigger glasses. DUH! I love red wine and this wine went down oh so nicely after a long week of every day in court and not much sleep. Oh did I pay dearly this morning. It’s now almost 7 PM and my headache is still there – albeit not in the full titanic version of 5:30 AM. Bummer man…
The “kids” (now all over 21, LOL) are out getting something to eat and then are headed for DC to hang out with their sister-in-law. John is bartending at a party (ouch) and is off from the hotel and CC tonight. He’ll be back later. Maybe we’ll grab a bite then, maybe not, depending on how late his soiree goes.
In the meantime, I’m going to get on with my thrilling life, LOL. I am going to WalMart or Target or somewhere exciting to buy underwear! Whoo hoo…. I think our washing machine has ALF’s proclivities. You figure it out. I am not spelling it out for you.
Worked on that shawl today, but I don’t like what I’ve done with it and may yet frog it again. There’s a pattern for a wrap in Janet Szabo’s newsletter, Twists and Turns which I got Thursday and I may try that. It looked kind of nice. I’d rather frog what I’ve done than waste good yarn on something no one will wear. Even if my friend with the upcoming wedding doesn’t like the colors, I can always keep it for myself, so no problem either way.
Well, I better get going. Who knows? I may even get some wash done (is that the roll of thunder I hear coming from Heaven?)

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