Wow – today is Mother’s Day and it is positively gorgeous outside! I wish I could get a walk in at the park, but today we have plans to go see Danny in his play. He’s back with the same theatre group again – this time playing the part of Coyote in References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot . Terrific – my son plays some sort of sexy character. Oh well that’s OK – I long ago told him to warn me if he is EVER to play some nude part, so I can avoid it, LOL. (Same with his wife, Tori!) Some things just are none of my business, even if I am his mother!
This morning was church and choir. Nancy’s back (Yippeee!!! 🙂 We did OK, but I was not happy with my singing during our Communion anthem (Beautiful Savior). It’s a lovely piece of music, and the favorite of many, but I can never seem to figure out which line of music I’m singing. I’m now at the point where I’m just afraid to ask. (Kidding!) Sally L., sang the melody solo. She has such a beautiful voice! We are truly lucky with the level of talent in this group. I’m ecstatic just to hold my own in the choral part:) Today the bell choir played. Chris was there, playing, too. They were terrific. You have to have really really good timing and a sense of rhythm to play in bell choir. Someday, I’m gonna do it (think Little Engine that Could…). Today the church recognized the graduating High School seniors, renewing the baptismal promises, and the Youth Director gave the sermon. Nathan’s wife, our currently absent soprano, Rachel, brought baby Rebecca (reason for the absence) – so cute!
Going back since my last entry got me thinking about whether I have done enough walking to keep up with Nancy. Probably not, but I did do a hell of a lot of marching/walking/trudging. Thursday was band practice – and we marched. Friday, was babysitting, no walking or marching, and I will get to my to-do list in a minute. Saturday – yesterday – was a HELL of a lot of marching and walking. I made it to the Laurel Day Parade, marched the 6 or so blocks and had a blast playing drums. I found a way to avoid the serious bruising I got last time – don’t use the leg thingie on the side of the drum – simply turn it up and just let the flat side of the drum hit the fat, er, flat side of my left thigh. Still sore but much better – in case there’s a chubby drummer out there with thunder thighs, LOL. After the parade, we went back to the bandleader’s brother’s back yard for drinks (water for me, thank you) and conversation. Tom’s wife, Ann, was there, so we talked knitting and quilting, kids and trips to the ER with husbands, of course. Afterwards, it was time to mosey on back to my car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it for over an hour of trudging around Laurel. I finally had to ask a very kind woman for help – lucky I had the band t-shirt on or she might ‘ve thought I was a nutjob. I had one car key on the chain around my neck, but cellphone and wallet were locked in the car. It was quite a scary experience, actually. And my feet – right one especially – were in excruciating pain. I still cannot figure out why. I mean, I’ve had sore feet from being on them all day, but it wasn’t that. I could not push off from the ball of my foot. It’s as if it had turned to stone. And there were knots of muscle all over the tops of both feet. I’ve had this before – once after walking with Nancy – but not to this extent. Luckily I wore decent sneakers and socks and did not have blisters. But the pain was so bad it took 800 mg doses of ibuprofen and one tylenol with codeine pill to fend off the tears. I suspect it’s one form or another of arthritis. And (surprise surprise) that I need to lose more weight.
Friday’s to-do list is still in the running. I’d say I’m about 1/2 done with most of it. Did not make it to Linda’s get-together and feel badly about that, did begin that book on the Nuremberg (Nuernberg) trials from the viewpoint of the US prosecution’s chief interpreter. The other things are still in process, but I’m getting there. I have got to get very organized if I am to realize my dream of getting that “second” PhD (well, a J.D. isn’t technically a PhD, is it?) this time in psychology (hey, it’s a LOOONGGG term goal!).
I have done no knitting or crocheting since I last wrote and spent yesterday evening reformatting the hard drive on this computer. Luckily, this time I saved all my documents!.
Today I would like to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day and in particular, in memory of my own Mommy, who died ever so young, I wish you peace and joy in your children wherever and whoever they are!

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