As in Very Quiet Saturday. A bunch of stuff I should have gotten done but didn’t and then I wonder where the day went. Not good. So now I am sitting here – late late at night and doing what I should have been doing at 4 PM fer crying out loud!

It’s been a fairly quiet week. too. I thankfully did NOT have to go the Eastern Shore because it turns out my client is at St. Vincent’s a half hour away. Monday and Tuesday were spent visiting clients, getting paperwork done, returning phone calls and unfortunately not walking (GRRRR). Wednesday was much of the same. Mooted my colleague’s argument in the appeal in the “f” case – an appeal of the permanency planning hearing that is going on even though the TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) trial has also already taken place. Wednesday evening I missed EfM to attend a meeting of the music committee with an organist from the Baltimore Cathedral. It was an interesting discussion in that it appears that they do about 1/4 to 1/3 of what our Music Director does, but on about twice the budget. Unfortunately the meeting in the Baltimore office on the appeal made me late for the music committee meeting – and I detest all that walking in late garbage. It’s rude and inconsiderate and in recent years especially it’s been something I’ve been working on, but lately not doing so well with it.
After the meeting Nancy gave me some information on diabetes for my diabetic clients (she is my expert witness after all!) and a catalogue for the walking shoes she uses. It’s funny. She can be one tough cookie sometimes, as I imagine she has had to be. At the same time, she has the tenderest heart and is one of the kindest people I know. Interesting combination, LOL. I enjoy walking with her and have really missed it this week. When I’m out walking with her it’s like I’m 12 years old again hanging out with friends in Oyster Bay where I grew up. We used to walk all over the woods near home, sometimes for miles, and didn’t even think a thing of it. It was on those walks that I would have some of the best intellectual and philisophical conversations believe it or not. It was like that with John’s sisters when he and his family moved next door and ultimately when John joined us (and I sure didn’t mind that, LOL). But it’s fun to get back to just being a human being, not constantly talking about cases, as at work. It’s hard to explain. And I don’t mean to be rude to my husband, who I know reads this blog from time to time, LOL and who has put up with walking with me for a LONG time. Anyway, for the next week or so I’m walking on my own – or with John if he has the time. Nancy is going to the “country” for some real hiking with her husband and family on a well-deserved vacation.

Thursday was my usual docket. The morning was over early, so I had lunch with Kathy B, attorney for DSS and Bob E from the PD (Public Defender’s) office joined us.

Thursday evening was choir – and a choir party afterwards. As usual I had a terrific time.

Friday, I got my colleague Ellen to cover my one case on the docket and went to Annapolis to watch oral argument in the “f” case. Again, not an expletive deleted, just the first letter of the kids’ last name. And for once all of them had the same last name. Who knew? That almost never happens any more. Interesting thing, there is a Motion for Reconsideration outstanding in the Circuit Court which everyone thought had been ruled on, but hadn’t. This stays the time for filing an appeal which effectively removed it from the Court of Special Appeals’ jurisdiction – something the attorney for the AG’s (Attorney General’s) office only realized Thursday afternoon! Yikes… Well Tom could withdraw his motion and all would be well. Then we could consolidate the Perm Plan and the TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) appeal – because someone is going to appeal that, no matter what the result.
For you knitters out there who are rolling your eyes in boredom, my apologies – a lot of this blog is basically an online diary for me. I’ve inserted the full name for those pain in the blank acronyms I was using (sorry – that was rude, but it’s almost 2:30 in the morning here and my brain is on fuzzy.)
And yes, I did make an all-too-brief foray into the Md Sheep and Wool Festival today. My daughter, Dori, who works for police dispatch, informed me this morning (via IM online – aren’t I a big girl!) that there were quite a number of police overseeing the traffic in and out of the fairgrounds. I was there for a little under 2 hours and saw literally no one I knew. Funny thing is, there’s sort of a happy aura around knitters and there was not one nasty person in the bunch. One of my colleages is a knitter, and was going to be there, but we must have missed each other. The exhibits were lovely and the sheep were hilarious, the lambs adorable. The yarns were exquisite. My one regret is I did not get to see Janet Szabo’s demonstration of Aran knitting in the main fair office. I’m sure it was excellent and well worth the trip to see it.
Well, I better get my all-too-chubby butt to bed. I have to be up by 7:30 and warmed up (i.e. not singing like a sick fog horn) by 8:30. So nighty night. And good night, angels:)


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